Our mission is to integrate the world’s best equipment, education, and expertise to build a stronger world.

Strength is not only our passion, but also our area of expertise for almost 60 years. Eleiko’s core values performance, learning, and kindness. These values reflect how we think about strength training and serve as the foundation for the type of company we want to build. Strength training creates both strong bodies and strong minds. We believe that strong people are happier and healthier, not only capable of winning medals, but also rising to life's challenges with confidence and enthusiasm. We are inspired by people who keep growing, regardless of age or level of experience, those people who have a curious and open mind, the courage to fail, and the wisdom to learn.


  • A diversified course structure with time for self-study, hands-on learning, and group discussion, taught by instructors with different competences, experiences, and personalities—all because we want to create a dynamic and exciting learning environment.
  • An educational environment where students are actively involved in discussions, learn to critically evaluate evidence presented to them, approach learning with an open mind, and dare to try new things.
  • A shared goal, which is to become the best coach, trainer, or athlete possible.
  • Instructors who are top-notch teachers as well as experts in their fields. Our course materials are grounded in the most current sport science and proven in practice by decades of experience.
  • A trainer or coach understanding the science behind training, the art of coaching, how to effectively communicate, and how to form quality relationships.
  • An extended time frame for learning, facilitated by hybrid course structures that mesh self-study with in-person courses and post-course support and networking.
  • A paperless course where as much of the material is presented on our digital platform.
  • A deeper understanding of material and concepts through experiential and self-directed learning.
  • Courses where the students learn for themselves, but the emphasis is on becoming better at teaching others.


  • Progressive heavy resistance training, performed as part of a periodized training plan, as the optimal stimulus to improve maximum strength and power.
  • Dynamic, whole-body movements that engage many muscles, such as squats, snatches, clean and jerks, kettlebell swings, and deadlifts; these should be at the core of a training plan.
  • Weightlifting movements and their derivatives; these are critical tools to improve strength, power, speed, core strength, coordination, flexibility, stability, stamina, and resistance to injury.
  • Weightlifting and strength training as safe and highly effective tools to help you optimize your body and enjoy life to the fullest. Being stronger, more powerful, more flexible, and more coordinated will protect you against injuries and help you live a full, active life.
  • Movement as the universal language through which we all can communicate. To optimize movement for sport, fitness, or health, we need to first be strong! Healthy lives and gold medals are both built on a foundation of strength.


Eleiko Weightlifting for Athletes
Eleiko Functional Trainer Stage 1
March -17 Course start Days Course Location Language Spots left
Eleiko Strength Coach Level 1, International Edition 2017-03-31 3 Canadian Sport Institute, Calgary, Canada - CANADA English Few left
April -17 Course start Days Course Location Language Spots left
Eleiko Weightlifting for Athletes 2017-04-01 2 Eleiko Sport Center, Halmstad - SWEDEN English Spots available
Eleiko Functional Trainer Stage 1 2017-04-07 2 Eleiko Sport Center, Halmstad - SWEDEN Swedish Spots available
The Brand X Method™ Inc. Advanced Kids Course And Youth Barbell Course 2017-04-15 2 Eleiko Sport Center, Halmstad - SWEDEN English Spots available
Eleiko Strength Coach Level 1, International Edition 2017-04-21 3 CrossFit Amsterdam, The Netherlands - THE NETHERLANDS English Few left
Eleiko Weightlifting for Athletes 2017-04-22 2 Strength&Conditioning Center, Cologne, Germany - GERMANY English Spots available
Eleiko Powerlifting Level 1 2017-04-22 2 Eleiko Sport Center, Halmstad - SWEDEN Swedish Spots available
Eleiko Functional Trainer Stage 1 2017-04-29 2 Reebok Crossfit Stockport, UK - UNITED KINGDOM English Spots available

Instructor team

We are proud to have a diverse blend of world-class instructors who are experienced coaches, accomplished athletes, active sport scientists, and university professors.

Our instructor team has coached Olympic champion weightlifters, national champions in many sports, Crossfit Games champions, and thousands of successful athletes from age 7 to 70. They are also accomplished competitors in weightlifting, Crossfit, gymnastics, rugby, track and field, and powerlifting. Our instructors earned graduate and doctoral degrees, teach university exercise and sport science courses, publish books, and write articles in top peer-reviewed journals. Most importantly, our instructors are expert educators and cutting-edge scientists who are passionate about what they do and eager to share their knowledge and experience.

Interested in hosting a course?

We would love to hear from you if you're interested in hosting one of our renowned courses.


Cj Cummings and Eleiko Continue Partnership - Eleiko’s Ambassador for a Stronger World Program Supports Weightlifting’s Most Talented Youth
Chicago, Illinois, December 7, 2016 – Eleiko Sport, Inc., the premier manufacturer of strength and weightlifting equipment today announced CJ Cummings will continue in his role as an Eleiko Ambassador for a Stronger World.


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Since 1957 we have been producing bars and strength equipment that have been used by thousands of athletes and more than 1,000 world records have been set with an Eleiko barbell. The success is derived from its optimal balance, the firm but not too sharp grip, the synchronized smooth rotation and perfect flexibility. With quality, professionalism and customer service as guiding principles, we are a strength training equipment supplier that you can rely on.


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