IHRSA 2017: Experience Eleiko, Our Heritage and Future in Strength
This is an incredibly exciting time for Eleiko, a time where we are both celebrating our accomplishments over the past 60 year, but also taking Eleiko in new directions. The launch of the SVR Platform and the Performance Line are the first steps in Eleiko’s broadened focus and vision to build a stronger world. We bring the same commitment to quality, craftsmanship and superior performance that our reputation is built upon to this new range of products, and we are excited to share both our heritage and these new offerings with IHRSA attendees from across the globe.

Eleiko, the premier manufacturer of strength and weightlifting equipment, is excited to share its heritage and history in weightlifting with the fitness professional from across the globe at IHRSA this week, but also launch a new range of strength products. Visitors to our booth March 9th and 10th, will journey through Eleiko’s fascinating history from waffle irons to the world’s most famous barbell, while also experiencing new products that will shape Eleiko’s future in strength.

Eleiko’s heritage is interwoven with the history of the weightlifting, and the company’s designs and innovations have set the standard against which all other equipment is measured – from the first bar to withstand the demands of an entire competition, to waffle pattern knurling, spinning sleeves, and even colored discs, Eleiko has been at the center of shaping strength sports for 60 years. While we are deeply rooted in, and committed to, weightlifting and powerlifting, at our core Eleiko is passionate about strength. To that end, under the design direction of Roy Simonson, Eleiko is launching the Performance Line and the SVR Platform at IRHSA.

SVR PLATFORM (Sound and Vibration Reduction Platform)
Eleiko has engineered the nearly impossible, an exclusive mix of materials that combined address all three issue – noise, vibration, and bounce. We have struck the perfect balance, our distinctive platform dramatically reduces the noise when barbells are dropped, the materials absorb the vibration and ensure a quieter, less disruptive experience. Lastly, we have addressed the issue of excessive bounce. We have created a solution that allows facilities to incorporate lifting in a way that won’t frustrate neighbors and disturb or intimidate members.

“Facilities all over the globe struggle with issues related to vibration and loud sounds from weightlifting areas, but our new SVR platform will go a long way towards addressing these issues,” said Roy Simonson, head of Eleiko’s Product Development. “While it may sound simple, truthfully it was a complex problem to solve. When you dampen the vibration, and tackle the noise, you typically end up with significant bounce. Adjust the design to tackle the bounce, and the sound and vibration dampening properties are diminished. But, at Eleiko we have never shied away from a challenge, and we are really pleased with the results.” Available May 2017.

The Eleiko Performance Line is the next step of our company’s journey as we follow our passion for strength and expand our product range in new directions. The Eleiko Performance Line features elements both users and facilities will appreciate, and styling that is appealing, inviting and extremely comfortable in use. The collection is incredibly durable, and beautifully designed.

“In everything we do, we strive to merge elegance and style with quality and performance,” said Rickard Blomberg, President Eleiko Sport Inc. “It is the reason you’ll find our equipment in daily use decades after its been delivered. The Eleiko Performance Line is no different. We are confident we have crafted beautiful pieces that will last and perform superbly for years to come.”

The Performance Line currently includes a Half Rack, Smith Machine, an Olympic Bench and an Adjustable Bench, the core pieces of any strength training area, and a complement to our traditional weightlifting products. Over the coming months and years, this line will continue to expand and grow. Available Late Summer 2017.

We have bars that feel great in user’s hands, a variety of discs to meet your needs, platforms that help to create a non-intimidating lifting environment and now with our education programs, training for your coaches and staff so you can effectively develop and teach lifting programs in small mixed ability groups. Our complete weightlifting solution gives facilities the ability to differentiate their clubs by launching a highly sought after type of strength training program in a format that is shown to build community and improve adherence. Create an Eleiko Lifting Center within your facility, and discover the power of weightlifting and strength building in small groups.

Proudly made in Sweden by skilled craftsmen since 1957, Eleiko bars and strength equipment continue to be the leading products in the sports of weightlifting and powerlifting.  Eleiko products are delivered to over 180 countries and are used to equip the world’s largest events, including the 2015 Weightlifting World Championships in Houston and the 2012 Olympic Games in London and more than 1,000 world records have been set with an Eleiko bar. Eleiko is headquartered in Halmstad, Sweden, and employs people across offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Russia, and the USA.

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If you would like more information or have questions regarding Eleiko’s product lines, please contact Rickard Blomberg at + 1 866 447 9441 or email rickard.blomberg@eleiko.com

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