Complimentary Camp Brings Positive Experiences, Expert Coaching from 3 Olympians and Access to the World’s Finest Equipment to Youth Lifters from Across the US

At Eleiko, we are passionate about supporting and growing the sport of weightlifting and were thrilled to be part of sponsoring a remarkable Youth Olympic Weightlifting Camp held at the Eleiko Certified Speed Power Strength in Oakland. This incredible camp gave 27 youth weightlifters from across the US an opportunity to spend several days in Oakland working with some of the world’s finest coaches, former Olympians Oscar Chaplin III, Cara Heads Slaughter, and Zygmunt Smalcerz.

With world class credentials and resumes filled with record setting lifts, championship wins and Olympic medals, camp coaches Zygmunt, Oscar and Cara worked closely with the lifters to continue to develop their technique and help them grow as lifters. This impressive group of youth lifters ranged from Youth World Champion Harrison Maurus to local athletes, and even a group of 10 lifters from Georgia who with the support of their community made the trip to Oakland to train at the camp.

The camps were offered free of charge to lifters from across the US. Mike Jenkins through his impressive programs at SPS is committed to developmental weightlifting, growing the sport both locally and nationally, and giving youth lifters from the across the country opportunities and access to the best coaching, facility, and equipment, developing strong relationships and gaining invaluable experiences.

“At SPS we firmly believe that the life for a young lifter is about more than just weightlifting, it's about positive experiences that shape them, and Oscar, Cara, and Zygmunt are providing an amazing one for the lifters this weekend,” said Mike Jenkins, SPS Founder. “We appreciate the parents and coaches who allowed their young athletes to break from their routines and share in the only camp of its kind in the country.”
Many of the camp attendees went on to compete at the Youth Nationals several weeks later with impressive results. 11 lifters from the camp placed top 3, while 4 camp attendees won youth championship titles.

Working in collaboration with SPS, we took the opportunity to capture the youth camp attendees’ thoughts on strength, weightlifting and the mental side of the sport. “We are proud to support SPS and its camp, and are truly impressed and inspired by the talent being cultivated through these developmental programs,” said Rickard Blomberg, Eleiko Sport USA President.

Congrats all around, the future of weightlifting is strong!

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