Eleiko Kindness Award – In Memory of Lennart Blomberg

Eleiko works hard to be the leading company offering equipment and courses to the exercise industry, as well as helping people become stronger so they can perform better – in their life and in the gym. The company strives to combine a professional and humanitarian image. To be friendly – one of the company’s core values – is important for Eleiko, so that we can create a positive environment within the company, as well as where the company is active.

Lennart Blomberg
Lennart Blomberg ran and was active in the company from 1998 until 2015, when he passed away. He left a big impression on the many people he met and he lived by his own saying: "Always put people first". Lennart was a true humanitarian and he had the reputation of being someone who combined business and human values. Everyone who had the pleasure of meeting Lennart knew that he genuinely strived to be a good person – something the company continues to strive for.

The purpose of Eleiko Kindness Award
Eleiko wants to honour Lennart Blomberg and the spirit he brought to the company, by creating the award "Eleiko Kindness Award – In Memory of Lennart Bloomberg". The award should be given to a person who:
- Makes people comfortable.
- Helps other people succeed and handle adversity.
- Creates an optimistic and kind environment full of laughter.
- Is a good role model to other people by putting other people first.
The person nominated needs to be active in the training industry in one way or another, and they need to prove they have an interest in helping people become stronger and perform better.

What the Eleiko Kindness Award entails
The prize consists of the following:
- Being nominated for "Eleiko Kindness Award – In Memory of Lennart Blomberg".
- An award with their name engraved.
- A profile published of the winner on the Eleiko webpage.
- 20 000 SEK to give to a charity of their choice.
- The winner will be given the opportunity to go on a trip or event within the framework of Eleiko's business and network, for example; participation at a major international championship or other event within the training industry. All expenses (travel, hotel and stay) will be paid by Eleiko. The winner will get to choose the destination or event together with Eleiko.
Nomination process
The award will be announced on Eleiko.com. You can nominate any person between the 1st of January and 15th October every year, along with a reason why you think this person deserves this award. The nomination takes place on Facebook.Go to nomination. A jury consisting of representatives from Eleiko and their network will then select one of the nominees in November every year.

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