L1fe - Evolving Movements in Frankfurt
We are very confident having Eleiko in our corner. We can see that Eleiko is working on its equipment, and strives to improve everything to make it even better than it already is. We are looking forward to every new product they plan to launch, and hope to retain them as a reliable business partner.

L1FE – Evolving Movements opened its doors in May 2016 in the city of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. This is the first training facility owned by Josip Dalic, Patrick König and Dennis Sahin. They also plan to open a few more in the coming years.

"Our concept was based on free weights right from the start. Only two months before opening, we got in touch with Ralph Pfeiffer at Eleiko, quickly deciding to make a U-turn and go with them. They supported us as well as they could by providing advice on how to equip our rather small training area of 125 m². Being a facility focused on both personal and individual training, the layout had to be planned for efficient and flexible work. Ralph, from the Eleiko team, was always very supportive in all regards, which made a big difference compared to others." says Josip.

"We knew the equipment was going to be very solid and stable, yet we were surprised by how good it looked. With L1FE situated in a luxurious area of Frankfurt (Goethestraße), we had to ensure everything was of high quality, while also having that certain look. Eleiko delivered just that."

Basically, the equipment comes from Eleiko. To name a few, the gym is equipped with XF bars, 2 Power Racks and 1 Rig (white/black), Bumper Plates and Sport Training Discs, a Vulcano Disc Dumbbell set with a Triple Tier Rack, the big IWF Platform with a squat stand, and last but not least, the whole set of Competition Kettlebells. It also features Neoflex High Impact Tile flooring from Eleiko.

Pictured here: The founders of L1fe, Josip Dalic, Patrick König and Dennis Sahin.

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