A CrossFit box featuring world class athletes and equipment
“Here at CrossFit Nordic, we have always been committed to providing high standards. We offer superior training as well as expert trainers. For us, providing the best equipment on the market is imperative – and that means Eleiko. We are really proud to be an Eleiko Certified box.”

Jenny Jacobsen, CrossFit Nordic

Eleiko has been partnering CrossFit Nordic for many years, so when the center decided to move into larger, improved premises in the fall of 2015, extending this collaboration was the logical course of action. Combining a central location in the heart of Stockholm with modern, spacious, open premises, CrossFit Nordic offers world class functional training.

CrossFit Nordic chose to equip its box with barbells, discs, kettlebells, flooring, storage solutions and rigs supplied by Eleiko, and many of its instructors have attended the Eleiko Education program. CrossFit Nordic is an Eleiko Certified Training Facility, confirming its status as a provider of equipment and instruction of the highest quality.

CrossFit Nordic is one of the world’s best boxes, providing superb training for athletes of all standards. Many of these athletes have taken part in the CrossFit Games, including the box’s founder and part-owner Jenny Jacobsen, who appeared in the individual class in 2009 and 2011 as well as for Team CrossFit Nordic in 2013. She also achieved a top-ten ranking as Masters athlete in 2015.

CrossFit Games athlete and Ambassador for A Stronger World Björk Odinsdottir is also based at CrossFit Nordic. Nordic has a unique capacity to attract and develop talent, an example of whom is Patricia Strenius, an accomplished lifter who took part in the World Weightlifting Championships in Houston in 2015.


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