“When we first started talking about developing the equipment, we knew we wanted to focus on a red, white and blue color scheme, since this is the first time in nearly 40 years that the Championships have been in the USA. Staying true to our Texas heritage was also very important to us, so we incorporated stars throughout our entire design; from the discs, to the racks, to the competition platform, you can see that the USA and Texas are well represented.” - Janis Burke, CEO of Harris County Houston Sports Authority

The World Weightlifting Championships were held in the USA for the first time in 40 years, with Houston putting on fantastic festival of weightlifting. With over 600 athletes performing in front of packed galleries, a series of world records were set using Eleiko equipment. The popularity of weightlifting is on the rise in the USA, driven by the growth of interest in CrossFit and functional fitness. The Houston event was a major success, with a whole new audience being introduced to the sport.

Eleiko supplied all the equipment for the competitions, designing products specifically for the event for the first time in the history of the sport. All 87 weightlifting stations used during the championships showcased a unique Americana theme inspired by Texas and the USA. These designs were conceived in close collaboration with Eleiko, the local organizing committee and USA weightlifting. The event drew a glowing response from lifters, organizers and spectators alike.

Eleiko had a 12-strong team on site throughout the competition. At major events such as a senior World Championships, it is essential that installations are handled professionally and effectively and that the supplier can provide a high level of service throughout. Eleiko boasts close to 60 years’ experience supplying equipment for major international championships and liaises closely with the organizing committee.

During the event, Eleiko was proud to unveil two new Ambassadors for A Stronger World, CJ Cummings and Mattie Rogers. CJ Cummings is considered to be the USA’s next great weightlifter after registering an unofficial junior world record and an American senior world record at the 2015 USA Junior Nationals earlier this year, at the tender age of 15. Mattie Rogers took a different route to weightlifting supremacy. After 12 years of gymnastics and four and a half years of cheerleading, Rogers turned her hand to lifting, and now, at the age of 20, is considered the best American weightlifter in her weight class and one of the best female lifters in the country overall.

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