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Mission statement:
"Procedos provides comprehensive functional strategies for training, rehabilitation and conditioning

How our exercise system is built:
”Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philisophy. This is physics” - Einstein

The human movement system is complex. This is why we have to understand the basic principles of how forces act on our body. The forces are laws that we all obey. Those forces act on us in three planes of motion and there has to be a re-action.

Since the body always takes the path of least resistance there is no other choice than to do this in authentic movement. However, in many individuals today the path of least resistance is not a healthy one (compensation). This means that we have to change the path of least resistance with our training so that the body chooses the healthy path.

Example - your hips have a tremendous amount of inherent 3D movement capacity. If any of your two hip joints do not move efficiently because of lack of mobility or stability (usually both) forces will be dissipated somewhere else. The other segment/segments that have to take the extra forces will not be able to tolerate the loads (over time) that are placed on the tissues.

Therefore, most low back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain and cervical pain have a culprit that has to be regulated. There are however many great traditional strategies for the symptom itself which is still valuable for us.

Since the hip itself has many large muscles and strong connective tissues it has a great amount of force tolerance in all three planes of motion.

Most people today do not have great hip motion in all three planes. There are many factors affecting the hip structures. We have our daily environment, asymmetrical sports and repetitive loading of the same structures in the same angles and speeds.

A lot has been accomplished to establish good routines in physical training to take care of these problems. It has unfortunately failed since it is not based on scientific principles of forces. Most stretching, training and rehab are based on muscle research only and do not incorporate all three planes of motion. Strategies that just incorporate three planes of motion without other considerations are better than one plane but not specific enough in most cases.

Again, many of the strategies are based on insufficient research, tradition, expert opinions and structural understanding of muscles. There is an abundance of research that we can use to claim that leg extension is a great exercise for the anterior thigh. This research does not hold water against authentic movement.

Thus, the missing link is functional understanding of muscles, nerves, fascia and bones and how forces act on them. With our exercise system you will use the functional strategy which is a logic solution to permanently change movement behavior.

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