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The Eleiko Strength Coach course is the most comprehensive scientifically based educational course for coaches, trainers, and strength and conditioning professionals. Participants will learn how to excel in all aspects of their jobs, including teaching the Olympic lifts in a group setting, designing periodized training plans, assessing and addressing movement deficiencies, working within a performance team, and monitoring training progress. This unique hybrid course deepens participants’ understanding through pre-course reading and quizzes followed by three days of hands-on coaching, video review of lifts, and thought-provoking class discussions. At Eleiko, we believe a strength coach must be proficient in teaching lifts, designing training plans, and building quality relationships; in this course, we tackle all three aspects and provide you the tools you need to be successful working with athletes and clients of all ages and abilities.

Participants receive online access to materials covering applied physiology, biomechanics, and pedagogy for teaching weightlifting movements. This ensures a common level of scientific knowledge and jump starts the learning process. Too often these foundational areas of knowledge are overlooked, and coaches can have a hard time appreciating the basis for their training and methodology. The face-to-face course allows participants to hone their coaching skills and reflect on their practices. Supplementary coaching materials such as athlete assessment tools, program design templates, facility management documents, and a scientific article library assist coaches in developing long after the end of our three days together. Eleiko education, much like Eleiko equipment, sets the bar high.

While strongly grounded in applied sport science, this course also acknowledges the tremendous contribution that communication, teaching, and relationship skills play in being a successful coach. Coaches have to build rapport and trust with their athletes, staff, and performance team, and it is critical that coaches understand people.

During the course, participants are frequently asked to consider realistic coaching scenarios. The course relies heavily on scenario-based learning, which has been shown to result in deeper learning than lectures. Coaches must think critically and wrestle with scenarios where they must consider training science, psychology, gender dynamics, motor learning, and common sense to determine how to proceed.

The hands-on portion of the course focuses on the participants actively coaching each other and practicing the drills and cues they learn. The Olympic lifts are each broken down into smaller segments, giving coaches the ability to progress the lifts incrementally, spot errors, cue positions effectively, and correct errors at any stage. Coaches are primarily teachers; learning how to be a better teacher will make for a more effective coach.

The participant-to-instructor ratio is kept low to allow each participant greater opportunity for interaction with our expert instructors. We want coaches to be comfortable applying what they learn to their unique environments.

The course is the most comprehensive course of its kind, with over 170 pages of content and dozens of videos. It was conceived, written, and refined by a team of respected educators, sport scientists, veteran weightlifting coaches, and university professors.

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:
• Teach the Olympic lifts and other major exercises efficiently and correctly in a group setting
• Develop a periodized annual training plan from scratch for a variety of sports
• Properly assess and address movement deficiencies in athletes
• Create and administer valid and reliable tests to monitor athlete progress
• Understand foundational applied physiology, anatomy, biomechanics, and kinesiology and how they relate to practical aspects of training
• Distinguish individual athletes’ learning styles and utilize effective coaching techniques to reach all types of learners
• Develop a “coach’s eye” for identifying and correcting common errors in the lifts, both live and using video feedback

• Sport coaches who manage the strength and conditioning for their athletes
• University students planning on a career in training, coaching, or strength and conditioning
• Functional fitness, sport performance, and strength and conditioning coaches
• Personal trainers

Please bring all your training equipment (e.g., knee sleeves, lifting shoes, training clothes, wrist wraps, tape), some snacks, and anything else you might want to have during the day.

Please read Part I of the course materials that have been sent to you and take the short quizzes at the end of each chapter. Having everyone familiar with some basic, foundational knowledge about training will greatly enhance our ability to cover more in-depth material during the live portion of the course. Please bring any questions you may have about Part I to the course.

To earn the distinction of becoming a Certified Eleiko Strength Coach, course participants must successfully pass a 65 question exam lasting 45 minutes. The exam covers the written course materials as well as major topics covered during the course and is administered online one week after the conclusion of the course. Participants may select a time to take the exam that is most convenient for them within a two-week time span. A score of 70% of higher is needed to pass the exam

Most coaches have areas where they are more and less proficient so if you have an exercise science degree but have not coached the Olympic lifts extensively, you might focus your studying on the Olympic lifting chapters and on being able to identify lifting errors and prescribing effective drills to correct those errors. Alternatively, if you spend all your time working with lifters but have not done any programming or athlete testing, you should spend more time learning that material. For additional information or questions about the exam, please contact us at

2018-01-19, Set Free Crossfit, Singapore

Set Free Crossfit, Singapore

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3 dagar, 2018-01-19 -> 2018-01-21
2018-01-19: 09:00-17:00
2018-01-20: 09:00-17:00
2018-01-21: 09:00-17:00


Prispaket 1:
€750, exklusive 0% moms. Registration: Including online course material, Eleiko t-shirt and certificate

Prispaket 2:
€700, exklusive 0% moms. Student Registration: Including online course material, Eleiko t-shirt and certificate



Anna Swisher

Anna har en omfattande erfarenhet som professor, idrottsforskare, tävlande tyngdlyftare, styrke- och konditionstränare, friidrottstränare, forskningsl...

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Andreas Wass Byfeldt

Andreas är för närvarande instruktör hos CrossFit Nordic, han har arbetat som personlig tränare i nästan ett decennium, och jobbar med tyngdlyftare på...

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2018-01-26, Platoon Fitness, Bryn Mawr, PA USA

Platoon Fitness, Bryn Mawr, PA USA

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3 dagar, 2018-01-26 -> 2018-01-28
2018-01-26: 09:00-17:00
2018-01-27: 09:00-17:00
2018-01-28: 09:00-17:00


Prispaket 1:
$749, exklusive 0% moms. Registration

Prispaket 2:
$699, exklusive 0% moms. Student Registration



Anna Swisher

Anna har en omfattande erfarenhet som professor, idrottsforskare, tävlande tyngdlyftare, styrke- och konditionstränare, friidrottstränare, forskningsl...

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2018-02-02, Speed Power Strength, Oakland, California

Speed Power Strength, Oakland, California

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3 dagar, 2018-02-02 -> 2018-02-04
2018-02-02: 09:00-17:00
2018-02-03: 09:00-17:00
2018-02-04: 09:00-17:00


Prispaket 1:
$749, exklusive 0% moms. Registration. Including online course material, Eleiko t-shirt and certificate

Prispaket 2:
$699, exklusive 0% moms. Student Registration. Including online course material, Eleiko t-shirt and certificate



Anna Swisher

Anna har en omfattande erfarenhet som professor, idrottsforskare, tävlande tyngdlyftare, styrke- och konditionstränare, friidrottstränare, forskningsl...

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2018-02-23, Arkansas Tech University

Arkansas Tech University

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3 dagar, 2018-02-23 -> 2018-02-25
2018-02-23: 09:00-17:00
2018-02-24: 09:00-17:00
2018-02-25: 09:00-17:00


Prispaket 1:
$749, exklusive 0% moms. Registration: Including online course material, Eleiko t-shirt and certificate

Prispaket 2:
$699, exklusive 0% moms. Student Registration: Including online course material, Eleiko t-shirt and certificate



Anna Swisher

Anna har en omfattande erfarenhet som professor, idrottsforskare, tävlande tyngdlyftare, styrke- och konditionstränare, friidrottstränare, forskningsl...

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Tim Piper

Tim har tränat lyftare och undervisat i träningsvetenskap i över 25 år. Hans kompetensområden inkluderar sportprestanda, tyngdlyftning och personlig t...

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  • Robert van Herk - 2017-08-30, 12:18

    ELEIKO brings people together in an inspiring and educational setting. Highly recommended!

    • Eleiko - 2017-09-11, 13:26

      Thank you!

  • Mark - 2017-03-16, 05:40

    I am a fairly experienced college S&C coach and personal trainer (13 years) who holds the CSCS and USAW-L1 credentials. I was hoping the course would be good, but my expectations were not that high. Man, I was impressed! This is the best course I've taken! Great information and hands-on time (with awesome coaching from Anna Swisher and Mike Gattone). The course had relevant info for both those performing or coaching the Olympic lifts and for S&C coaches using the lifts with athletes. My class had great classroom discussions and I learned a lot from the other students in the class too. I highly recommend!

  • Laura Davies - 2017-03-13, 04:14

    I recently took the Eleiko Strength Coach Level 1 (international) course and I really enjoyed it! Anna was a brilliant instructor who was super knowledgeable and taught the course content in an interesting and engaging way. I was impressed that she was able to adapt the course to cover the different needs and specialties of the different participants on the course, so that you ended up feeling as though you had gained knowledge that you could apply in the setting you were working in regardless of where that was. There was a good combination of practical and theory sessions, with lots of hands-on coaching and opportunities to practice the different techniques. I definitely feel more confident about introducing strength training with my own students as a result of taking this course and would highly recommend it to anyone involved in coaching or teaching sports or physical activity.

  • Rich - 2017-02-21, 19:01

    Hands down one of the best courses I've attended! The Material and Instructors (Anna and Angie) are top notch, the course was worth every penny.

  • Dr. Michael Waller - 2017-02-13, 21:44

    We just hosted the Eleiko Olympic Weightlifting and Program Design for Strength Coaches, which was the best 2 day course to combine the coaching of the weightlifting movements and how to develop an effective strength & conditioning plan/program. My students told me that they were mentally exhausted from the information delivered and learned a great deal about how to coach the lifts. The course was an excellent combination of the science and the art of strength & conditioning, that is often overlooked in other courses. I would recommend this course for any strength & conditioning professional or staff looking to improve their knowledge, application and remind them of forgotten aspects that may have been lost with time.

  • Joseph Kahn - 2016-09-22, 14:42

    Highly educational on both the science and mechanics involved in Olympic Weightlifting while also maintaining a light-hearted sense of humor throughout the course. Also a fantastic opportunity to work with other strength coaches and learn through their experiences on how they train their athletes. I highly recommend the course. Also it was a great opportunity to tweak more of my own mechanics as a fellow Olympic Weightlifting athlete, which in turn will help my own athletes.

  • Katie Lebel - 2016-06-16, 14:41

    I attended the Eleiko Strength Coach course accompanied by a weightlifting client of mine. We were VERY impressed with the two coaches. Having attended a USAW cert once before I very much appreciated the program design for this course in comparison. I thought that the ability to apply the science to sports specific training was very thorough. The practical parts of the course we're extremely helpful as well. They work together very well, and complimented each other’s teaching styles. I felt that because of this nothing was lost in translation from the classroom to the weight room. Very effective & helpful!! It covers all the foundational attributes necessary to build a base for yourself or a client. More specifically, it covers the science of the sport, assessing an athlete, as well as program integration into sports specific training. I highly recommend taking this course whether you consider yourself a novice or an expert. There was definitely a list of helpful coaching gems I took away. It is worth the time & money!!! In fact, whatever concerns or hesitations you have, I ensure they will be put to rest. It has helped me substantially understand new and innovative ways to expand my coaching techniques and quality, from cuing to references. Overall it has enhanced my perspective as a trainer, athlete and coach.

  • Ryan - 2016-09-03, 14:39

    The Eleiko Strength Coach course was the best educational course I have ever taken! If you want to make yourself and the athletes you coach better, take this course. Worth every dollar spent! You will not only have the best in the field instructing you during the course, but they are available after the course to help you as well. You will also have the course materials (videos, programming sections, teaching progressions) to consult after the course. There is so much stuff in there. The course greatly benefited my teaching and coaching career by exposing me to new coaching tools and materials I can use to evolve my weight room/strength and conditioning offerings to the students and athletes I instruct and coach.

  • Dan - 2016-08-18, 13:38

    Anybody who trains high school athletes in the weight room should take this course. It gives you a solid background on training theory, but more importantly you will walk away with a thorough understanding of how to teach the Olympic lifts and their variations to your athletes. The instructors are super knowledgeable and super friendly, so don't worry if you don't have much of a background in strength training. They create a comfortable learning environment for coaches with all levels of experience.

  • Isha Schaap - 2016-06-22, 12:36

    I would recommend the Eleiko Strength course to anyone who is looking to gain more knowledge in Program Design, Group Coaching and Olympic lifting techniques. My coaches/teachers for this course were excellent. I really liked the fact that they are actively coaching at major universities and sharing those experiences with the class. I thought the information given throughout the course was very current and very beneficial to my work. It was a good combination between class room time and time spent in the gym. The facility itself was great filled with racks and Eleiko equipment. Again, I would definitely recommend this course. I walked away with a lot of useful and practical information that could be implemented in my trainings immediately. I feel more confident in my ability to coach specific lifts, regressions and progressions. The concepts on program design, periodization, sport culture etc. where covered in depth. It was great being surrounded by other leaders and professionals in Fitness who have the same passion as I do. I learned a lot and enjoyed myself immensely.

  • Tim - 2016-06-30, 14:34

    I found the Eleiko Strength Coach course to be clear, concise, and full of pertinent information for coaches of all levels. I have been coaching competitive weightlifters for several decades and I am always in search of new ideas and information. The Elieko course helped refresh my memory on some concepts I had been taking for granted and offered new perspectives and cues on technique and program design. For the novice, the Eleiko course is a great place to start a strength and conditioning career. For the experienced coach, the Eleiko course is a great refresher course.

  • Matt Bergdorf - 2016-08-10, 14:32

    This course is a great opportunity to fine tune your skills as an experienced coach as well as for those who are just beginning their career as a coach. It has a very broad scope where science is at its backbone, which other courses do not cover. The best part about the course is that it is specifically for weightlifting in an athletic performance setting. One of the things about athletic performance is there are many self-proclaimed guru's in this field. This certification sets apart the false science with true science. For those who have less background in the hard sciences, the pre-course materials are a great learning tool, and also a great refresher for those who do have a stronger background in the science. I benefited from this course because it re-engaged my knowledge in an academic setting that many coaches do not get to do once their schooling is completed. The environment elicits a positive setting where coaches come together to learn, network, and have fun all in one place.

  • Emily P. - 2016-06-11, 14:31

    The Eleiko course to become a certified strength coach is something that I would recommend to anyone who is interested in pursuing coaching or Olympic lifting in the future. Being only 18, it really helped me to see how more seasoned lifters used techniques and cues to critique and execute lifts. Since I have taken the course, I have been given more opportunities to coach athletes. If you are undecided about taking the course, I would recommend it. The course is well worth your time and money.

  • Lauren Hyser - 2016-08-03, 14:30

    Whether you are a coach, an athlete, or a strength and conditioning director, you can benefit from the material of this all-inclusive course. It is the perfect blend of science, pedagogy, and technique. The science aspect is needed to truly understand the background of the material, but it is presented in a way that keeps you engaged and contemplative. Conversely, if you want a more in depth look at the material there is an extensive online database. Another wonderful aspect is found in the flexibility of the course. The instructors are ready to tailor the focus of the material to each class dependent upon the attendees. Unlike many courses that require you to memorize and replicate, this course helps you internalize the material in a meaningful way. The design of the course gives attendees a hands on coaching and technique development that is unlike any other seminars I have attended. Throughout the weekend, you are given time to directly apply the material you have just learned, which helped me as an attendee fully conceptualize the material. The instructors have real life experience with the information that is being presented, and it shines through the material and the course resources. If you are unsure about taking this course, I encourage you to branch out and challenge yourself. This course will cause you to think about the field of strength and conditioning (and the Olympic lifts) in new innovative ways. Through this experience, you will become a better professional. I have personally benefited from this course by developing new skills to become a better coaching professional. A great coach is the perfect storm of understanding, application, and relationship building. If you miss any piece of that puzzle, your coaching influence will suffer. If you have too much of any aspect, then you will be out of balance with the others. This aspect of coaching is ignored by many. But Anna and Angie embody what it means to be a coach in every essence of the word. Just being around them for the weekend will open your eyes to various effective instruction techniques and tools. It is truly hard to put into words. I highly recommend you attend the course to find out for yourself.

  • Trey Yocum - 2016-07-10, 00:00

    Eleiko's Strengh Coach course is well worth the investment for many reasons. The most paramount thing for me was the experience and innovation that went in to the overall organization. This course presents and explains in-depth, a methodical and progressive approach to implementing the Olympic lifts for a variety of power athletes. I work with youth athletes on a daily basis. The lessons I learned from this course have helped me progress young athletes for long term development. This course is well worth the investment and I would recommend it to anyone in the field of sports performance.

  • Marlene Clason - 2016-08-19, 00:00

    For us at CrossFit Amsterdam, this is one of the best seminars we have attended. It's all about sharing knowledge and becoming better coaches and athletes. The coaches who lead the seminar were very smart and had good answers and examples to all our questions. We talked about the science of sports and everything was explained so easily, everyone could follow. This is a great course for everyone who wants to be a better coach, being able to help improve even the best athletes or when you want to become a better athlete yourself.

  • Jason Phillips - 2016-11-02, 20:26

    We sent our entire staff at Colorado State University through the course and felt it was a great investment in continuing education, professional development, and a unique opportunity to grow socially as a staff. The educational component is relevant, well thought-out, and effectively presented. The practical portion is driven by interaction and hands-on coaching and participation. I look forward to having Eleiko back on our campus in the future!

Varför är Eleikos utbildningskurser de bästa på marknaden?

Våra kurser hålls av expertinstruktörer som har tävlat, coachat, utbildat och erhållit betyg i sina discipliner. Våra kurser för professionella tillhandahåller strategier och tekniker grundade i tillämpad idrottsvetenskap och som även är bevisade genom erfarenhet. Kursmaterialet i sig är omfattande och tillhandahåller guidning och inspiration månader och år efter kursen i sig.

Vad har ni för policy för återbetalning av kurser?

Vi är glada över att kunna erbjuda dig full återbetalning 30 dagar innan kursstart. Om du inte kan komma till din bokade kurs efter de 30 dagarna så erbjuder vi dig en icke överföringsbar kredit (måste användas av dig inom 12 månader) som du kan använda för en framtida Eleiko-kurs.

Erbjuder ni rabatter för stora grupper?

Om ni är en grupp med mer än 5 och vill anmäla er för en kurs, vänligen maila

Vad händer om Eleiko ställer in eller ändrar den kurs som jag har anmält mig till?

Om det för ovanlighetens skull skulle ske att Eleiko måste ställa in eller ändra en kurs kommer vi att ge dig full återbetalning för kursen. Eleiko är inte ansvarig för flygtransporter, boende eller andra kostnader som uppstår för deltagarna som ett resultat av en inställd kurs. Vi gör vårt bästa för att undvika att ställa in.

Kan jag fortfarande delta i en coachingkurs även om jag är skadad?

Ja absolut. Den praktiska delen av kursen kommer att hjälpa dig utvecklas som coach och om du av någon anledning inte kan delta fullt ut i dessa sessioner så kommer du fortfarande att hjälpa dina partners som coach.

Kan jag ändra min anmälan till samma kurs som erbjuds på ett annat datum?

Om det finns plats på kursen som du vill byta till och det är mer än 3 veckor innan kursstart, vänligen maila för att få hjälp med ditt önskemål.

Erbjuder Eleiko privata utbildningskurser för gym, skolor eller andra organisationer?

Självklart gör vi det! Vi är glada över att diskutera hur vi kan skapa ett innehåll som passar dina unika behov så vänligen skicka ett email till med detaljerad information om vad du vill ha och vilket kommunikationssätt du föredrar.

Vem kontaktar jag om jag har frågor angående Eleikos utbildningskurser?

Vänligen kontakta

Vad ska jag göra om jag är intresserad av att arrangera en kurs?

Vi skulle gärna vilja höra ifrån dig! Vänligen besök: och fyll i din information i kontaktformuläret.

Hur blir jag en certifierad Eleiko Strength Coach?

För att få utmärkelsen som certifierad Eleiko Strength Coach, måste du som kursdeltagare bli godkänd på ett prov när kursen är klar. Provet omfattar kursmaterialet och de olika ämnena som diskuterats under kursens gång. Provet administreras online efter kursens slut. En vecka efter kursens slut kommer en länk till provet att skickas ut, och du som kursdeltagare har två veckor på dig att göra det tidsbestämda provet. Du behöver få minst 70 % rätt för att bli godkänd på provet och du har bara en chans på dig. Om du inte klarar gränsen för godkänt, kan du som deltagare anmäla dig till endast ett ytterligare provtillfälle och du står själv för kostnaden. För mer information eller eventuella frågor kring provet, ta kontakt med oss på

Kan jag gå om Eleiko Strength Coach Nivå 1-examen om jag inte blir godkänd, och hur registrerar jag mig?

Om du inte blir godkänd på tentamen får du möjlighet att göra om den på egen bekostnad. Du måste registrera dig inom 4 veckor efter den ursprungliga tentamenstiden för kursen du deltog i. Vid anmälan får du tentamenslänken följande måndag från det datum du registrerar dig. (Det vill säga om du registrerar på onsdagen får du länken måndagen veckan därpå) och du kommer att ha två veckor på dig att ta provet. Du har två möjligheter att ta Eleiko Strength Coach Nivå 1 examen. Du kan anmäla dig till examen RETAKE här: Vänligen kontakta för eventuella frågor om tentamen.

Kan jag lära mig CEUs genom att ta kursen Eleiko Strength Coach, International Level I?

Visst kan du det! Genom att ta den här tredagarskursen kan du få följande CEUs: NSCA-godkända 2.0 CEU(s) för CSCS och NSCA-CPT-certifierade individer som deltar i kursen. NASM-godkända 1.9 CEU(s) för NASMA-CPT-certifierade individer som deltar i kursen. CSCCa-godkända 10.0 CEU(s) för certifierade individer som deltar i kursen. Kursdeltagare kommer att erhålla ett deltagarbevis som också kan lämnas in till andra organisationer för CEUs.

Måste du bli godkänd på Eleiko Strength Coach Nivå 1 innan du tar nivå 2?

Ja, du måste bli godkänd på Eleiko Strength Coach Nivå 1 examen innan du kan registrera dig och gå nivå 2 kursen.

Behöver mitt certifikat förnyas?

Eleiko Strength Coach-certifikatet är giltigt i tre år, varefter du behöver återcertifiera dig för att behålla det. Det finns två sätt att upprätthålla certifikatet. Det första är att gå Eleiko Strength Course Level 2 inom tre år efter att du har du har tagit nivå 1-certifikatet. Det andra sättet är att göra en examination online. Eleiko Education arbetar för tillfället med att omstrukturera processen för hur återcertifieringen ska gå till och vår utbildningssida för att säkerställa att vi verkligen är en global leverantör av utbildning och har verktygen som krävs för att erbjuda certifiering av högsta kvalitet. Vi är säkra på att återcertifieringen är ett bra verktyg för att säkerställa kunskapen och kvaliteten hos de som har ett Eleiko Education-certifikat. Det är ett sätt att upprätthålla värdet av certifikatet för våra deltagare. Vi kommer att uppdatera vår hemsida med mer detaljer inom kort och du är välkommen att höra av dig till oss på om du har vidare frågor.

Kontakta oss

Eleiko Sport Inc318 West Grand Avenue, Suite 301, Chicago, IL 60654

The Number One Strength Company

At Eleiko, we work to make people stronger so they can perform better - in sports and in life. For over 60 years, Eleiko has been a worldwide leader within international weightlifting, powerlifting and strength & conditioning communities. Eleiko is uniquely certified by the IWF, IPF and Para-Powerlifting federations. Our products have been delivered to more than 180 countries and are often seen at the world’s largest championships and in the most respected strength training facilities. More than 1,000 world records have been set with an Eleiko barbell. With quality, innovation and customer service as guiding principles, Eleiko is the leading equipment provider and educator in strength.


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