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Eleiko Classic GHD

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3080011 Mounting
Eleiko Classic GHD - Silver/Black
Artikelnummer: 3080011-02
Säljs i enhet: STYCKVIS
Vikt: 70 kg
Längd: 1535 mm
Bredd: 700 mm
Höjd: 1275 mm
Garanti: 2 år
Dimension step-in-platta: 400x400 mm
Dimension fotstöd-platta: 450x380 mm
Dimension höftpad: 302x140x250 mm
Dimension rullar: D=150 L=180 mm
Höjd från golv till fotplatta: 300 mm

Eleiko Classic GHD - Black(Textured)/Black
Artikelnummer: 3080011-05
Säljs i enhet: STYCKVIS
Vikt: 50 kg
Längd: 1535 mm
Bredd: 700 mm
Höjd: 1275 mm
Garanti: 2 år

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Eleiko Sport Inc318 West Grand Avenue, Suite 301, Chicago, IL 60654

The Number One Strength Company

At Eleiko, we work to make people stronger so they can perform better - in sports and in life. For over 60 years, Eleiko has been a worldwide leader within international weightlifting, powerlifting and strength & conditioning communities. Eleiko is uniquely certified by the IWF, IPF and Para-Powerlifting federations. Our products have been delivered to more than 180 countries and are often seen at the world’s largest championships and in the most respected strength training facilities. More than 1,000 world records have been set with an Eleiko barbell. With quality, innovation and customer service as guiding principles, Eleiko is the leading equipment provider and educator in strength.


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