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Eleiko Prestera Gliding Safety Arms - Black - Pair

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When used properly, Prestera Gliding Safety Arms enhance user safety catching the bar in the event of a failed lift. The safety arms are lined with custom moulded protective liners that are knurling-friendly to minimize barbell wear. The liner is curved to guide the bar back to the center of the safety arm. Once installed, the safety arms remain attached to the uprights for fast, smooth height adjustments and no loose parts on the gym floor. The Gliding Safety Arms can be easily adjusted and positioned on the upright. These safety arms are designed exclusively for the Eleiko Prestera range and are sold in pairs.

Designet til

Lifting safety

Provides Lifting Safety

Enhances user safety ensuring the bar does not crash down on the user in case of a failed lift

Enhanced Bar Protection

Custom molded plastic protective liner that is knurling-friendly to minimize barbell wear


Strong steel, durable powder coat finish and protective polyurethane liner


Designed specifically for the Prestera Series


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260 mm / 10.24 in.


85 mm / 3.35 in.


680 mm / 26.77 in.


14,2 kg / 31.31 lbs


6 måneder-10 år