Leistungsstarke Geräte, die auf Leistung und Langlebigkeit ausgelegt sind | Eleiko
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Für eine stärkere Welt

Zusätzlich zu unseren Bestrebungen in den Bereichen der ökologischen Verantwortung und einem langlebigen Design, arbeiten wir regelmäßig mit Einzelpersonen und Unternehmen zusammen, um die Gesellschaft und die Gemeinden zu unterstützen. Durch Sponsorings und Zuschüssen für Equipment arbeiten wir aktiv mit und unterstützen die Menschen, die unsere Werte unterstützen und verinnerlichen und behilflich dabei sind eine stärkere Welt zu erschaffen.

Barbells For Boobs

Barbells For Boobs aims to redefine the standard of care in breast health and improve quality of life post-diagnosis through physical activity such and weightlifting. We are pleased to support their annual fundraising drive and partner with the organization to raise
awareness about their important mission and funds to support their programs.


We support Generation Pep’s vision that all children and young people should have the opportunity to live an active and healthy life. Today in Sweden, only three out of ten young people achieve the recommended amount of physical activity - 60 minutes a day. In supporting Generation Pep, we are working actively to change this to build a stronger future.

Médecins Sans Frontières

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an independent medical organization that provides healthcare to those who need it most. No matter who, where or why. Eleiko supported the organization during the height of the COVID pandemic to support their response to the global health crisis.


Blodomloppet is a annual run that takes place in 18 cities across Sweden to raise awareness about the need for blood donation and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Eleiko sponsors the event each year, and the Eleiko team and their families participate in the run as well.

Community Engagement

We support local associations and projects that contribute to a stronger world and share our values. We value sustainable development, entrepreneurship and innovation and most importantly, equal rights for all people.
Children and young people are our future, and we want to contribute to them having a healthy and active lifestyle with community and belonging. In our opinion, it is the best start you can get in life!