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Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Competition Platform - Full oak beams

Von Champions empfohlen

Ausgezeichnetes Design und Weltklasse Performance

Eleiko’s IWF Weightlifting Competition Platform in full oak is designed for competitive weightlifting, featuring a modern design that simplifies assembly. Ten high-quality hardwood beams provide a more robust and stable lifting surface that maintains its shape, staying stiff and level for years. Produced in Sweden, the wooden deck is finished using a special process to maximize durability and traction while also minimizing signs of heavy use, providing lifters with an optimal lifting surface. The platform corners feature a rich charcoal surface finish, giving the IWF Weightlifting Competition Platform a modern aesthetic.

Designed für

Olympisches Gewichtheben auf nationalem und internationalem Wettkampfniveau

Competition Certified

Die Plattform ist von der IWF für den Wettkampf zertifiziert

Ideale Oberfläche fürs Gewichtheben

The wooden beams are treated and finished to ensure optimal traction

Einfache Montage

Steel rod and wooden beam design comes together and breaks down easily for quick installation and tear down


Top quality oak beams and robust design ensures that the platform maintains its shape



Built for the spotlight, this platform was designed with broadcasts and streaming in mind. The platform features a light-absorbing matte surface and can be fitted with camera socket upon request.

Easy Maintenance

All tools and special needed equipment for maintenance of the platform are provided in the reusable wooden box - extra oil, cleaning soap, and a repair kit for small holes.


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4000 mm / 157.48 in.


4000 mm / 157.48 in.


100 mm / 3.94 in.


1200 kg / 2645.55 lbs


5 Jahre