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Eleiko Flat Benches


Portable Perfektion

Durable, portable and versatile flat bench

Eleiko’s flat bench is designed for seated and horizontal free weight and barbell exercises. A knurled handle and wheels allow for easy portability, but the bench also includes bolt down holes for added stability. Rubber feet and end caps protect floors, while the polyurethane pads are hygienic, durable, and easy to maintain. The Eleiko Flat Bench has no loose parts and a smooth cushion-to-frame integration, improving the user experience and providing peace of mind for the operator.

Designed für

Übungen mit freien Gewichten und Hanteln im Sitzen und in der Horizontalen

Einfache Handhabung

Ausgestattet mit verchromten Griffen und Rädern kann die Bank leicht bewegt werden

Cushion Options

Select our unique PUR cushions for a modern, durable, easy to clean option or Skai cushions for a more traditional look that is supple, yet wears well.

For Competition Feel

Dimensions based on IPF specifications so training mimics competition feel

Hassle-Free to Own and Use

No loose parts and smooth cushion-to-frame integration


Polyurethane Upholstery

Our unique polyurethane (PUR) cushions are hygienic and durable, a great option for high use facilities. The tough surface does not soak up sweat, salt and particles, simply wipe the surface clean after use. Our propriety design is a highly durable custom molded material that provides excellent support while lifting and last a really long time.


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1307 mm / 51.46 in.


606 mm / 23.86 in.


440 mm / 17.32 in.


26,3 kg / 57.98 lbs


6 Monate – 10 Jahre