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Grounded in Science. Proven in Practice.

The strength of our programs lies in our unique multifaceted approach. We integrate effective hands-on learning, expert instruction on technique, and lifting fundamentals with dynamic group discussions led by highly experienced instructors from diverse and impressive backgrounds.

Eleiko's passion for strength, performance, and equipment is matched only by our education team’s enthusiasm for quality teaching. We focus on teaching how to teach, not just what to teach. During the course, you'll be part of a stimulating group atmosphere where like-minded attendees work to become the best coaches, trainers, and athletes. Whether you are an enthusiast seeking better technique, a coach looking to develop your career, or an Eleiko customer interested in maximizing your equipment potential, Eleiko Education delivers.


Eleiko Weightlifting Level 1

Learn the Eleiko Coaching System
Empower yourself as a coach
Experience technique focused learning

Eleiko Online Product Training

Various Learning Options
Interactive Learning Environment
Practical Equipment Use and Application

Eleiko Level 1 Workshops

4 hours of movement at your facility
Topics vary depending upon customer needs
Ideal for coaches, trainers, staff and members alike

Eleiko ARMYou

Tactical Fitness and Performance Programs
ARM Your Facility Staff, Trainers, and Community
Invest in a Long-Term Tactical Solution