Grounded in Science. Proven in Practice.

The strength of our programs lies in our unique multifaceted approach. We integrate effective hands-on learning, expert instruction on technique, and lifting fundamentals with dynamic group discussions led by highly experienced instructors from diverse and impressive backgrounds.
Eleiko's passion for strength, performance, and equipment is matched only by our education team’s enthusiasm for quality teaching. We focus on teaching how to teach, not just what to teach. During the course, you'll be part of a stimulating group atmosphere where like-minded attendees work to become the best coaches, trainers, and athletes. Whether you are an enthusiast seeking better technique, a coach looking to develop your career, or an Eleiko customer interested in maximizing your equipment potential, Eleiko Education delivers.


Eleiko Lic. Eleiko PT (Swedish)

One of our most popular courses
Improve client retention
Kickstart your career in fitness

Eleiko Raise the Bar for Strength

Opportunities for Increased Retention, Member Acquisition and Ancillary Revenue
Empower Your Instructors and Trainers
Invest in a Long-Term Solution

ARMYou powered by Eleiko

Tactical Fitness and Performance Programs
ARM Your Facility Staff, Trainers, and Community
Invest in a Long-Term Tactical Solution

Live Eleiko Experience

Inclusive workbook and interactive online learning content
Hands-on equipment interaction and implementation
Practical client examples and situations

Eleiko Strength Coach Level 1, International Edition

Comprehensive written materials
Hands-on technique focused learning
Develop coaching skills

Eleiko Strength Coach Level 2, International Edition

Builds on Eleiko Strength Coach Level One
Delves deeper into scientific principles
Covers advanced programming, recovery and nutrition

Eleiko Functional Trainer Stage 1

Effectively teach functional movements
Learn how to prescribe movements
Extensive course materials

Eleiko Functional Trainer Stage 2

Barbell, kettlebell and dumbbell movements
Realistic case studies
Extension of the Functional Trainer Stage 1

Eleiko Powerlifting (Swedish)

Focuses on squat, bench press, deadlift
Improve performance in all three lifts
Creating and implementing training plans

Eleiko Kettlebell Trainer Level 1

Develop functional and balanced strength
Get-ups, swings, and kettlebell snatches
Fundamentals of kettlebell training

Eleiko Kettlebell Trainer Level 2

Advanced kettlebell training
How to use kettlebells in a large group
Reduce the risk of injury

Eleiko Tactical Strength Coach

Tactical strength and conditioning
Maximizing performance while deployed
Managing fatigue and injuries

Eleiko Weightlifting for Athletes

Maximize efficiency in barbell movements
Improve snatch, clean and jerk technique
Boost performance and avoid injuries

Eleiko Snatch Workshop

Focus on the power snatch
Teach to all group sizes and abilities
Ideal for trainers in gym and fitness

Eleiko Clean and Jerk Workshop

Focuses on power clean and jerk
Teach to all group sizes and abilities
Ideal for trainers in gym and fitness

Eleiko Olympic Weightlifting Workshop

Focuses on olympic weightlifting
Teach to all group sizes and abilities
Ideal for trainers in gym and fitness

Eleiko Introduction to Barbell Training Workshop

Foundational strength exercises
Small and large group settings
Work around physical limitations

Eleiko Mobility and Motion

Focuses on mobility in motion
Teach to all group sizes and abilities
Improve overall quality of life

Eleiko Strength Coach L1 and Powerlifting Workshop

Hands-on technique focused learning
Additional powerlifting component
Creating and implementing training plans

Eleiko Strength Coach International Level I-Exam Registration

Eleiko Experience Learning Modules

Various Learning Options
Interactive Learning Environment
Practical Equipment Use and Application
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