Eleiko Kettlebell Trainer

Level One

Eleiko Kettlebell Trainer Level 1
Add a new tool to your repertoire by learning the fundamentals of kettlebell training. This course focuses on using the kettlebell to improve movement patterns, coordination, and overall strength.

Expand Your Training Tools

Kettlebells are a fantastic way for athletes to develop functional and balanced strength. Various kettlebell exercises can target and bring inefficiencies of movement, coordination, and strength to light. Come join Eleiko Education for a full day of learning kettlebell movements in a new way. You will have fun while learning to perform basic kettlebell exercises and challenging yourself as you learn exercises such as Turkish get-ups, swings, and kettlebell snatches.

Kettlebell training is great and safe for people of all ages and kettlebells can be used for dozens of exercises when taught effectively. Don't worry, you do not need any kettlebells experience to register for the course.

Why is This Course
The Best in its field?

You will learn how and why you should perform a series of kettlebells exercises so that you can customize the exercises to your own personal needs after the course.

We keep the course size small so our expert instructors can work with you personally to meet your goals.

Participants receive a training manual that includes exercise techniques, how to integrate kettlebell exercises into their training programs and useful tips from veteran instructors.

Course Goals

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Perform a wide range of kettlebell exercises in a safe and efficient manner
  • Understand how to change and develop the exercises as you develop in your own practice
  • Identify holes in your training program that could be filled by the implementation of kettlebell exercises and training

Who Benefits
From This Course?

  • Functional fitness trainers
  • Personal trainers
  • Coaches looking for additional accessory exercises to implement in a training program

Course Dates

You can find more information and a schedule under each course date.

Course Details and FAQ