Eleiko Strength Coach

International Edition-Level Two

Eleiko Strength Coach Level 2, International Edition
For experienced coaches who want to delve deeper into the scientific principles behind training and recovery and improve their ability to coach weightlifting and strength movements. The course builds on content from Eleiko Strength Coach International Level 1 and adds exciting new topics related to advanced program design.

Level Up Your Coaching

Eleiko Strength Coach International Level 2 is for experienced coaches who want to further dive into the scientific principles behind training and recovery and improve their ability to coach weightlifting and strength movements. In this course, we will build on content from Eleiko Strength Coach International Level 1, and add exciting new topics related to advanced program design, fatigue management, nutrition, and high-intensity interval training. Over three days, the course will cover the efficacy of recovery modalities, peaking and tapering strategies, how to implement basic movement screens, and the influence of anthropometry and somatotype on lifting technique. Coaches will learn how and why to use a variety of lifts for developing intermediate and advanced athletes as well as training methods such as cluster sets, potentiation complexes, and tempo sets.

Prior to the course, coaches will be asked to demonstrate their understanding of programming by completing several athlete case studies, which will be reviewed and discussed during the course. Coaches should be comfortable designing and implementing training for beginner and advanced athletes by the conclusion of the course. Completing these case studies prior to the course, reviewing theory during the course, and discussing the cases as a group allows for a more meaningful and in-depth look at the complexities of programming. This is a unique opportunity to get feedback on your own programming methodology and ensure that you are making optimal choices based on the latest research. In addition to coaching and training discussions, the course will combine video review and hands-on coaching for a unique and unforgettable experience. Invest in your career and your athletes and sign up today!

Why is This Course
The Best in its field?

This course is the result of a collaboration between veteran weightlifting coaches, strength coaches, sport scientists, and university professors and is the most comprehensive, current, and thought-provoking course available for strength coaches.

Prior to the course, participants will design several training plans that are reviewed and assessed during the course to ensure coaches can successfully apply training principles. Scenario-based learning results in deeper and more lasting learning of material. During the course, participants must frequently consider realistic coaching and programming scenarios where they must draw on their knowledge of training science, physiology, group dynamics, psychology, and common sense.

The hands-on portion of the course focuses on the participants actively coaching each other and practicing the drills and cues they learn. Coaches must go beyond recognizing an error and are asked to effectively communicate how to correct an error to an athlete.

The participant-to-instructor ratio is kept low to allow each participant greater opportunity for interaction with our expert instructors. We want coaches to be comfortable applying what they learn to their unique environments.

Course Goals

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Assess the movement capabilities of an individual, appreciate the influence of anthropometry on lifting technique, prescribe appropriate weightlifting exercise, and safely and effectively coach the individual.
  • Demonstrate the ability to design long-term strength and conditioning training plans for a variety of sports and ability levels as well as provide sound rationale for training decisions.
  • Reflect on their own coaching styles and philosophies to gain increased self-awareness of their coaching practices.
  • Effectively identify the root cause of an error for a variety of lifts, determine the best route to correct the error for a given set of constraints, and efficiently fix errors both live and using video feedback.
  • Understand the pros and cons of various recovery modalities, athlete monitoring strategies, and advanced training techniques.

Who Benefits
From This Course?

  • High performance, strength and conditioning, functional fitness, and sport performance coaches
  • Sport coaches who manage the strength and conditioning for their athletes
  • University students planning on a career in training, coaching, or strength and conditioning, or personal training

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