Eleiko Mobility and Motion

Overcome Limitations

Eleiko Mobility and Motion
Learn how to improve quality of life through mobility. This course discusses the interaction between mobility and stability, and how to prescribe exercises to overcome these limitations.

Learn the Fundamentals of Mobility

The lack of mobility and exercise are both common phrases used when describing what limits people in their ability to perform their daily tasks. During this two-day course, we will provide trainers and instructors with tools to assess and prescribe different exercises to overcome these limitations. This course aims at clarifying the concept of mobility, how much mobility a person needs and the interaction between mobility and stability. By overcoming restrictions on mobility and movement, people can work towards their goals of self-confidence while improving their quality of life. Life must be boundless, the same applies to your mobility and ability to perform in life.

Why is This Course
The Best in its field?

The ability to identify and effectively correct movement restrictions greatly improves the ability of a coach to help clients and athletes achieve their goals. This course is guided by scientific mobility principles to help coaches provide personalized and comprehensive training programs that enhance the mobility, stability and working quality of the client.

We want to make sure all our participants are given the best teaching circumstances by keeping the course size to a minimum and offer a team of top instructors to make sure you receive a first-class tuition on all aspects of the course.

Course Goals

At the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Properly identify common problems with mobility of the foot, hip, thoracic spine and shoulder blade
  • Organize customised mobility, stability and strength exercises to begin correcting motion detection features
  • Understand the difference between structural and functional anatomy
  • Make the exercise fun and ensure that you do the exercises safely

Who Benefits
From This Course?

  • All trainers, fitness instructors, and coaches
  • Anyone who wants to improve mobility, stability, and human movement skills in themselves or clients

Course Dates

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