2014 World Powerlifting Championships | Eleiko
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2014 World Powerlifting Championships

Professional Powerlifting Equipment for the Global Elite

Aurora, CO, USA

The Aurora 2014 organizing committee selected Eleiko as the equipment provider for the world’s biggest powerlifting event in 2014 because of our high-quality equipment and our ability to provide world-class products, service and support throughout the whole event.

Eleiko was chosen as exclusive supplier to the 2014 IPF Men’s and Women’s World Powerlifting Championships in Aurora, USA, following a highly competitive selection process involving several international IPF certified companies. The world’s biggest powerlifting event in 2014, the event took place in Aurora, USA, from 20 to 27 November 2014.

Eleiko was chosen by the Aurora 2014 organizing committee because of its capacity to provide world-class products, service and support throughout the whole event. This featured Eleiko’s own range of IPF certified powerlifting products, including benches and stands, barbells, discs, collars, platforms, storage solutions and accessories. The project posed a considerable challenge to Eleiko’s expertise in the field of powerlifting as well as with regard to production, logistics, service and technical support during the competition. The equipment supplied by Eleiko proved extremely popular, both with the organizers and professional powerlifters. Aurora 2014 was also a major success, both commercially and in sporting terms. During the event, a series of world records were set using Eleiko bars.