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Eleiko Container Storage - Black

Container Storage

Configure storage solutions inside containers for outdoor training

The new container storage legs attach to the inside of any ISO standard container. The legs fit with the XF storage shelves for discs, kettlebells, dumbbells and balls and securely mount inside the container with no hole drilling or container preparation needed giving convenient access to all the equipment needed for outdoor functional training.

Designed For

Creating custom storage solutions for outdoor rig containers training solutions

XF 80 Storage Shelves

Compatible with all the XF shelving options to create tailored solutions

Secure Attachment

The shelves are securely mounted to the container frame


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Article code



2360 mm / 92.91 in.


83 mm / 3.27 in.


640 mm / 25.2 in.


31 kg / 68.34 lbs


6 months-10 years