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Eleiko Dampening Floor Tile

Nordic Night

Reduce noise and vibration

Resilient rubber tiles for free weight areas

Create a quieter, more inviting free weight area with shock and sound absorbing floor tiles. Designed with a patented high-density wear layer on a molded base, these slip-resistant rubber tiles minimize the impact of dumbbell and weight drops for superior noise reduction, minimized vibration and bounce absorption. A collaboration between Ecore and Eleiko, the modular tiles are a durable flooring solution for weight rooms, functional fitness and training facilities.

Designed For

Creating quieter free weight and functional fitness areas

Shock and sounds dampening

Reduces noise, dampen vibrations and minimizes bounce from dropped weights

Slip Resistant

Slip resistant surface for use in both wet and dry environments

Sturdy Construction

Durable 30 mm rubber ensures longeivity and high performance


Tried and tested

Optimized 30 mm thickness, carefully chosen materials and refined construction provide resilient flooring that performs well in drop and heavy-weight impact testing - providing optimal force reduction and energy return.

Modular Design

The 24in x 24in tiles are modular and have an interlocking design for easy installation. This makes the Drop Zone flooring a versatile solution that is suitable for both smaller training areas or larger full- facility installations.

Pairs With

E-Grip III Adhesive, 10.1oz Cartridge (TRD-000003) and Quad Blok 1” molded Tile- 12mm x 4.74” x 4.74” (ELA-000011) for installation. Quad bloks (for installation- 1 per tile). Adhesive cartridges (for installation) each 10.1oz. cartridge covers 15 tiles.


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609,6 mm / 24 in.


609,6 mm / 24 in.


30 mm / 1.18 in.


12 kg / 26.46 lbs


2 years