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Eleiko Eleiko IPF Powerlifting Competition Plates

Champion Approved

Train As You Compete With Quality and Performance Assured

Elegantly designed cast iron discs with a thin profile allowing for more weight to be loaded onto the bar for seriously heavy lifts. Precisely calibrated and certified for competition, the discs are guaranteed to be within the tolerances mandated by the 2017 IPF Technical Rule Book. Disc weights are easily identified by our attractive Powerlifting Olympic colours and clear raised white lettering. A lipped circumference ensures a secure grip for safe disc handling, loading and unloading. Discs are sold individually.

Designed For

Plates for powerlifting competition and training

Slim Profile

Means more plates can be loaded on bars; 700+ kilo


Plates for powerlifting competition and training

Easy Weight Identification

Unique Olympic colour palette allows for quick identification


Smaller Increases

Pair with the Eleiko Powerlifting Competition Change Plates for smaller weight increases. The plates are IPF approved metal plates with a large lip and curved edge for secure handling. Plates range from .25 kg to 5 kg, with the 5 kg disc are white while all other change plates are chromed.


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Article code



19 mm / 0.75 in.


15 kg / 33.07 lbs


10 years




400 mm / 15.75 in.