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Eleiko Easy WPPO Powerlifting International Scoreboard System

Competition Ready

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An integral part of any successful competition, the Eleiko's Scoreboard system tracks and displays all the pertinent information to keep spectators up to date on the competition. More than just a display, the judging systems for international Para Powerlifting competitions includes six computers and software that manages the entire competition, from the preliminary start list to the final statistics. Secretariat, warm-ups and the results scoreboard are all interconnected so data is updated in real time and the audience can follow developments on a screen. The system updates warm up progress and indicated the number of lifts and time until next lifter. Weights changes are recorded and directly and immediately reflected which keeps the competition on pace and minimise risk of error. Data collected during the weigh-in can be transferred directly to the competition area so that you do not have to enter all the data again. Three wireless keyboards register jurors decisions and the audience is informed in real time about the judge's decision. Jurors have their own button to express judgement. The system also features an automatic ceremony system which can be activated to display the flag and play the national anthems of winning athletes. Please note, projectors, screens and printers are not included. The system can be extended on request.

Designed For

Managing and displaying athletes information and competition developments

Scoreboard Shows

Name, nationality, weight, attempt, time, and ruling for each lifter

Documents Produced

Preliminary and final start lists, stats and schedule, lists of referees and officials, results, records, registers, weigh-in form, medallists, and team classification.


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