Atletica Half Rack - Charcoal | Eleiko

Eleiko Atletica Half Rack - Charcoal

Sophisticated Strength

Inviting Design with Features to Ensure a Great Lifting Experience

The Eleiko Atletica Half Rack is our take on this essential piece of equipment for any strength training area. Redesigned from our perspective with a commitment to quality, performance, and Scandinavian design. We have developed a sophisticated, approachable half rack ideal for today’s members. We raised the bar on the look, the materials and the safety features to craft a piece that is sleek and inviting for members but also durably constructed and packed with features that address operators needs as well.

Designed For

A wide range of powerlifting exercises in an approachable design

Safety Features

Integrated easy to operate J-cups and safety arms ensure user safety and keep parts from being misplaced

Built In Storage

Weight plate and barbell storage integrated for convenient access, quick weight changes and keeping area tidy

Durable Construction

Designed and built in Sweden with elegant custom 11 gauge steel tubing is both stylish and incredibly sturdy

Elevated User Experience

Curved chin up bar lets users to find their most comfortable grip width with a more natural hand position


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1568 mm / 61.73 in.


1583 mm / 62.32 in.


2417 mm / 95.16 in.


151 kg / 332.9 lbs


1-10 years