Atletica Smith Machine - Charcoal | Eleiko

Eleiko Atletica Smith Machine - Charcoal

Sophisticated Strength

Inviting Design with Features to Ensure a Great Lifting Experience

The Eleiko Atletica Smith Machine is another essential strength piece. With an emphasis on quality and performance packaged in a sleek approachable design, this smith machine is inviting, performs exceptionally well, and incorporates easy to operate safety features that appeal to the lifter and facility operator alike. The guide rod is positioned at a comfortable and natural 5-degree angle. The machine supports a wide range of exercises including squats, lunges and a variety of pressing movements and is compatible with a flat or adjustable bench.

Designed For

A variety of squatting, lunging and pressing movements

Individualized Experience

16 hooks spaced at 100 mm allow users to perform a variety of exercises at the height that is right for them

User Safety

Bar features a built in rotation stop ensure users always engage the hooks

Safety Stops

Easily adjustable safety stops can be set to user’s preferred height at 100 mm increments and includes a rubber cushion to dampen impact and sound

Built In Storage

Weight plate storage provides convenient access for quick weight changes and keeps area tidy


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Article code



1403 mm / 55.24 in.


1952 mm / 76.85 in.


2395 mm / 94.29 in.


165 kg / 363.76 lbs


1-10 years

Grip Diameter

35 mm / 1.38 in.

Max Load

200 kg / 440,92 lbs

Starting Weight

15 kg / 33,07 lbs