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Eleiko Barbell Lifter - Charcoal

Champion Approved

For Quick Weight Changes and Easy Bar Movement

The new barbell lifter’s robust design incorporates a study 50 mm steel tubing, along with nylon lined bar hooks that are set wider apart to be more stable and protect bars from damage. The re-engineered handle gives loaders a better leverage point allowing barbells to be lifted with less effort and spring-loaded wheels make it easier to operate move barbells as needed. The improved geometry combined with the enhanced materials and updated design makes this lifter a dream to operate.

Designed For

Easy barbell loading and unloading

User Friendly

Leverage point allows barbells to be lifted with less effort

Updated Design

Includes spring-loaded wheels for simple operation

Improved Functionality

Updated modern aesthetic with enhanced functionality


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1030 mm / 40.55 in.


900 mm / 35.43 in.


240 mm / 9.45 in.


17 kg / 37.48 lbs


2 years



Max Load

450 kg / 992,08 lbs