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Eleiko Eleiko Classic Olympic Bench


Powerful Press

Clean Lines, Smart Details and Durable Construction

The Eleiko Classic Olympic Bench is a must have free weight piece for any facility. Designed with both the user and the facility in mind the bench combines user-friendly features with smart details to ensure safety and minimize maintenance. The bench features six height adjustments for the bar hooks allowing users to find a safe and comfortable starting and ending position from 12 options. The hooks feature a durable plastic wheel to protect the bar and ensure lifters easily get into proper position. Eight integrated weight storage pins keep weights conveniently at hand and the lifting area clutter free. Bolt down holes are hidden within the frame to maintain sleek appearance while providing important added stability to ensure user safety. The cushions are covered in a supple, durable synthetic leather and the piece has a smooth surface finish so it is easy to keep clean and maintain.

Designed For

Developing upper body strength

Customised Positioning

7 settings for the dual set of hooks mean users can find an appropriate and safe height

Safety Features

Numbered height adjustment, warning markings for unengaged pop-pins and bolt down holes are all features that contribute to user safety

Skai® Cushions

Gives the look and feel of leather without the wear and tear

IPF Specifications

Designed to meet many IPF specifications


Adjustable Hooks

The bar catch hooks can be easily adjusted using a knurled pop-in positioned behind the hooks. Simply pull the pop pin and raise or lower the bar hook piece to the desired height. Release the pin and ensure it is fully engaged. Check the convenient height number indicators to ensure hooks are at the same height on each side of the bench. This important feature allows users to find the optimal start and ending position that is appropriate and safe for their training needs.


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1615 mm / 63.58 in.


1646 mm / 64.8 in.


1272 mm / 50.08 in.


80 kg / 176.37 lbs


6 months-10 years



Bolt Down Holes

Included and Recommended