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Eleiko Classic Olympic Decline Bench - Charcoal/Black

Adjustable Advantage

Clean Lines, Smart Details and Durable Construction

Eleiko's Classic Olympic Decline Bench effectively trains the chest from a different angle, changing the muscles emphasised and ensuring well-rounded strength. Bar hooks include a unique durable roller so athletes can shift the bar once weighted and rollers protect the bar and hooks as well. Two hook heights and adjustable rollers allow lifters to find their appropriate position. Chrome storage pins with rubber stoppers keep weights conveniently at hand and the lifting area clutter free.

Designed For

Presses in a decline position for well rounded upper body strength

Customised Positioning

Plastic rollers let user shift and adjust bar while loaded and resting in hooks

Updated Design

Provides more space for racking bars, improving the lifting experience

Built In Storage

Keeps lifting area clear and allows for convenient weight changes

Skai® Cushions

Gives the look and feel of leather without the wear and tear


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1955 mm / 76.97 in.


1720 mm / 67.72 in.


1195 mm / 47.05 in.


140 kg / 308.65 lbs


6 months-10 years