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Eleiko Eleiko Evo Dumbbells - Rotating

Unmatched Performance

Smooth even rotation in a grip you can get your hands around

The Evo Dumbbells embody Eleiko’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and durable design to create the finest dumbbell yet. Inspired by our heritage in lifting the rotating Evo Dumbbell delivers the Eleiko Feeling, we use Eleiko barbell steel and knurling techniques for an optimal grip and introduce an innovative handle design that delivers an incredibly smooth rotation with a smaller diameter grip. Our attention to detail extends to the dumbbell heads. The multisided head design, sloped head shape, and embossed weight markings combined with our unique handle deliver outstanding performance that will appeal to lifters and facility owners alike. While offered as a full range from 2.5 - 150 lbs and 1-60 kg, the rotating functionality begins at 12.5 lbs and 5 kg respectively. While fixed, the smaller weights feature the same knurling feel and visual design creating a uniform set.


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312 mm / 12.28 in.


20 kg / 44.09 lbs


5 years

Grip Diameter

38 mm / 1.5 in.

Head Diameter

170 mm / 6.69 in.

Grip Length

130 mm / 5.12 in.