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Eleiko Home Training Set 50kg


Packaged strength essentials for full-body workouts

The Eleiko Home Training Set is a convenient package that features everything you need for home training sessions. The package includes an Eleiko Group Training Bar (7 kg) along with 6 of the 5 kg, 4 of the 2,5 kg, and 2 of the 1,25 Vulcano Plates and a pair of Spring Coil Collars. The shorter, more compact bar is suited for training where space is limited, and its lighter weight is optimal for high repetition training. The Eleiko Home Training Set is ideal for versatile, full-body workouts in the comfort and convenience of your home and a good complement to your home training apps and programs.

Designed For

Multi-purpose strength training at home

Consists Of

Group Training Bar, Vulcano Plates and pair of Spring Coil Collars

Conveniently Collected

Strength training essentials - packaged for convenience

Smooth and Comfortable Grip

Plates are easy to grasp for hand-held, functional strength movements

Compact yet effective

Shorter length, lighter weight - ideal for high rep sessions where space is limited


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50 kg / 110.23 lbs