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Eleiko Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Competition Disc Sets

Champion Approved

Meticulously Crafted, Calibrated and Certified for Competition

Specifically designed for competition, our discs are IWF certified and feature an IWF logo imprint and vibrant Olympic colour palette. Manufactured with our signature high-quality Swedish rubber, these competition discs are built using our proprietary moulded rubber, two-piece zinced steel hub and feature a lipped circumference to ensure a secure grip for easy and safe handling. Our high standards are verified by rigorous testing to ensure performance and backed by our guarantee. The 100 Kg set includes two of each 10, 15, and 20 kg training discs along with a pair of the 5 kg rubber-coated competition change plates. The 150 kg sets as two 25 Kg discs.

Designed For

National, international and Olympic level competitive weightlifting

SBR Rubber

Guarantees precision, durability and consistency while minimising imperfections


Discs are certified by the IWF for competition

Weight Tolerance

Discs are calibrated per IWF specifications and accurate to within grams

Distinctly Durable

From our proprietary rubber to our zinced steel hubs our discs are built to last


Proprietary SBR Rubber

Our SBR rubber is an integral part of what makes our discs special and gives us exceptional control in our manufacturing process. It allows us to control for bounce, minimise imperfections and with precision and consistency manufacture a well-balanced exceptionally durable disc that maintains tolerances within the smallest of margins.

Quality and Durability

From our proprietary SBR rubber to our zinced steel hubs and meticulous manufacturing processes we do everything we can to ensure our discs stand up to years of tough use. Our exacting standards are verified by rigorous testing and backed by our guarantee.

Smaller Increases

Pair with our friction grip and rubber coated change plates when you need smaller weight increments. The Eleiko Friction Grip Change Plates feature our innovative patented friction grip solution which allows for swift load changes as discs fit securely to the outside of the collars and won’t budge during lifts. The friction grip discs range from .5 kg – 2 kg. The rubber coated change plates range from .5 kg – 5 kg and must be loaded inside collars. Both sets are certified by the IWF.

Distinctive Details

Weights are colour coded per the Olympic palette with prominent white raised lettering so you can easily and quickly identify weights. We make picking up and handling the weights easy and safe with a prominent lipped edge around the disc circumference to ensure a secure hold on the discs.

Disc Width

Discs range from 34mm to 64mm; the 10kg disc is 34 mm, the 15kg disc is 42mm, the 20kg disc is 54 mm and the 25 kg disc is 64 mm in width. This means you can comfortably and safely load even the heaviest record setting lifts - up to five 25 kg discs on each competition bar sleeve.

Carefully Calibrated

Eleiko’s IWF Competition Discs are carefully calibrated to IWF specifications and kept within the tight tolerances; 10 kg within +10 g/-5 g, 15 kg within +15 g/-7,5 g, 20 kg within +20 g /-10 g and the 25 kg discs are within +25 g/-12,5 g.


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100 kg / 220.46 lbs


5 years