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Eleiko Performance Platform, 2,4x2m - Charcoal/Oak

For Weightlifting

Clearly Defined Areas. Ideal Lifting Surface.

The Eleiko Performance Platform clearly defines a lifting space and protects equipment and your training facility from the impacts of weightlifting and barbells being dropped. Durably designed, the platform stands up to the demands of daily training in varied weightlifting environments with heavy-duty steel frame. The deck is constructed from a sturdy wooden base with an oak printed surface that offers good traction for secure foot placement during lifts. Our high-quality rubber tiles complete the platform with an exceptionally durable, odour free lifting zone.

Designed For

Weightlifting in various training environments

Ideal Solution

When sound and vibration are not a major concern for your facility

Designed to Protect

Protect equipment, facility and clearly define lifting space

Lessen the Impact

High quality odour free rubber mats are shock and sound-absorbing

Good Traction

Oak printed surface is IWF certified and provides excellent grip for secure foot placement during lifts.


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2124 mm / 83.62 in.


2498 mm / 98.35 in.


30 mm / 1.18 in.


151,74 kg / 334.53 lbs


2 years