Power lock Weightlifting Training Bar - 20 kg, men | Eleiko

Eleiko Power lock Weightlifting Training Bar - 20 kg, men

Secured Discs

Discs Remain Firmly in Place Rep After Rep, Drop After Drop

This bar offers the feel and performance of the Eleiko training bar with the added benefit of the Power Lock feature to tightly secure discs eliminating the need for repeated collar tightening during training sessions. The bar's smooth even rotation, signature Eleiko knurling and elastic steel coupled with the custom coordinating grooved sleeves and collars make it ideally suited for high volume training. The bar is built to IWF specifications. This bar is designed to be paired with the Eleiko Power Lock Collars, which are sold separately.

1.2 Knurling
415 mm Loadable Sleeve
Needle Bearings
20 kg
28 mm Bar Diameter

Designed For

Weightlifting and strength training


Aggressive grip to ensure a secure hold on the bar

Grip Markings

Bar features markings for weightlifting

Power Lock Collars

Custom collars lock into place for a secure hold

Disc Compatibility

Standard discs are appropriate for use with grooved sleeves.


Simple Operation

The Power Lock system is easy to operate, you simply press the button and slide the collar into position. Once it is snug against the discs release the button allowing it to click into place. Gripping the collar arms turn to tighten.

Power Lock Collars

Custom collars work seamlessly with grooved sleeves to maintain firm and secure positioning of the discs on the bar. Drop after drop, you won’t need to adjust or tighten collars making this an ideal solution for high rep or fast paced training


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2200 mm / 86.61 in.


20 kg / 44.09 lbs


12 years



Grip Diameter

28 mm / 1.1 in.

Sleeve Diameter

50 mm / 1.97 in.

Grip Surface


Sleeve Surface


Bearings and Bushings

Needle bearings

Grip Marking



1.2 - Sharp, Weightlifting Grip

Max Load

1500 kg / 3306,93 lbs

Dustproof Seal


Loadable Sleeve Length

415 mm / 16.34 in.

Flange Width

30 mm / 1.18 in.