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Eleiko Prestera Power Rack - Stainless Uprights - Black

For multipurpose strength

Maximum versatility with compact footprint

Eleiko Prestera Power Rack is a smartly designed power rack supporting a wide range of strength training needs, featuring a straight pull-up bar, safety beams with a protective liner, and eight weight pins in three lengths for versatile storage. The stainless uprights deliver a performance upgrade providing tighter 25 mm hole spacing with etched numbering and a long-lasting finish optimized for gliding attachments. The easily adjustable J-cups have a taller profile, inspired by our IPF combo bench, that offers more protection to the rack and barbell and features polyurethane rollers to protect the bar knurling and support positioning adjustments. The rack geometry — made from robust 70x70 mm (3mm) steel — strikes the optimal balance giving users more room to comfortably grasp and safely lift and rack the barbell while also supporting record setting lifts.

Optimized Geometry

Sturdy steel uprights are spaced to support both bench press and squat allowing for less rack interference from the outside and more room for lifters inside the frame without compromising load capacity.

Stainless Steel Uprights

A performance upgrade to the powder coat option, 25 mm hole spacing provides more precise adjustment increments and electrolytic etching maintains steel strength and integrity.

Stable Foundation

Hidden bolt down holes minimizes trip hazards, provide stability while maintaining the half rack’s sleek appearance.


Designed for use with attachments in the Prestera Series.

Platform Compatibility

Compatible with standard Insert Platform - Power Rack


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2444 mm / 96.22 in.


1212 mm / 47.72 in.


2353 mm / 92.64 in.


199,44 kg / 439.69 lbs


6 months-10 years