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Eleiko Eleiko Prestera Storage Pins

Convenient Storage

Three lengths for tailored configurations

Available in three lengths, Prestera Storage Pins can be mounted to any Prestera rack to keep plates, collars, or training accessories close at hand. Smart single bolt construction allows the storage pins to be mounted on any upright face without interfering with other attachments for greater flexibility and space efficiency. The black NCO surface treatment is corrosion resistant and contributes to the Prestera Racks’ streamlined aesthetic. Integrated rubber bumpers at the pin base protect equipment and dampen noise.

Designed For

Storing weight plates


Designed for use with racks in the Prestera Series

Quality Construction

NCO surface treatment provides corrosion resistant finish


Choosing Your Pin Size

The shorter length (143 mm) is ideal for change plates and collars, and best suited for placement higher up on the rack. It can also be used on the side of the storage legs to truly maximize storage. The middle length (243 mm) and long pins (343 mm) are great for storing full size plates at the middle or bottom of the rack. Each pin can hold 300 kg.

Space Efficient Flexible Design

The different pin lengths allow for efficient, ergonomic storage. We recommend placing the weight pins to form a pyramid for a more ergonomical set-up, starting with the shortest length at the top. This set up make it easier to lower the weights as they need to travel a shorter horizontal distance before being lowered.


Make the following selections to see product specifications:

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275 mm / 10.83 in.


70 mm / 2.76 in.


100 mm / 3.94 in.


0,9 kg / 1.98 lbs


10 years