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Eleiko SVR Platform - Weightlifting

Please Drop the Weights

SVR Platforms reduce noise, dampen vibration and minimise bounce, creating opportunities for facilities

The Eleiko SVR Platform enables facilities to incorporate lifting and performance training in an inviting way that minimises the challenges posed by noise and vibration from dropped barbells and heavy lifts. The newest SVR features an update to our exclusive drop zone materials which enhance performance and significantly improve durability. The custom multi-layered wood deck is protected with a non-slip hardwearing laminate and a long lasting durable inlaid rubber strip to guard deck edges, bumpers and discs from damage. The platform is solidly constructed and highly durable without sacrificing aesthetic appeal and will stand up to the heavy use in commercial facilities.

Designed For

Creating a more quiet and inviting weightlifting area

Knock Out Noise

Drop zone rubber specifically designed to further enhance platform performance and significantly improve durability

Distinctive Details

Beautiful wood deck features a custom durable inlaid rubber strip to guard deck edges, protecting the platform, bumpers and discs from damage

Sturdy Construction

Sleek 11-gauge custom shaped steel frame ensures the platform will not shift or warp


Protected Transition Zone

We protect your equipment and investment with design ingenuity, a long lasting protective rubber strip is inlaid into the platform deck as a transitional piece between the lifting and drop zone. This ensures the deck will remain looking its best and protects discs from damage if they accidentally hit the edge between the lifting and drop zone.

Replacement Parts

The drop zone materials in the SVR platform have a finite lifespan and will need to replaced upon signs of wear. The replacement timing will differ for each environment depending upon volume of use and amount of weight being dropped. Drop zone replacement kits and parts can be ordered by contacting Eleiko.


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2090 mm / 82.28 in.


2462 mm / 96.93 in.


103 mm / 4.06 in.


288 kg / 634.93 lbs


1-3 years


Wood/Black Rubber/Charcoal Frame