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Eleiko Wallmounted 7,2m XF 80 Rig w/ Monkeybars

Wall Mounted Solution

When Training Calls for a Bit of Monkeying Around

This assembly integrates monkey bars across the top of the rig so that you can include grip strength and hand-over-hand progressions into training. The unit can be used as a building block for creating a wall mounted XF 80 Rig solutions or as a complete assembly. The unit features seven pull-up stations, two of which are appropriate for muscle-ups, and three squat stations. It can be outfitted with our entire range of XF Accessories or built upon by grouping units or adding pieces from the Rig Framework collection.

Designed For

Functional fitness training

Number of Stations

7 pull-up and 3 squat stations

Muscle-Up Compatibility

2 of the pull-up stations are appropriate for muscle-ups

Rings and Ropes

Not compatible with rings and ropes as configured

Minimum Space Requirements

9x4 m is the minimum space requirement


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7220 mm / 284.25 in.


1800 mm / 70.87 in.


2695 mm / 106.1 in.


373 kg / 822.32 lbs


10 years