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Eleiko XF 80 Double Half Rack Frame - Black

Compact Multipurpose Station

A Wide Range of Training Packed into a Small Footprint

The Eleiko XF 80 Combo Rack Frame is the foundation for creating highly versatile dual station training space in a compact footprint so facilities can maximize their training spaces. The base frame features integrated storage for discs and can be built out and customised with any of our XF 80 attachments such as safety arms and j-cups, pull up, muscle up or dip stations, and even the smith kit or glute builder. It is compatible with both our standard and SVR platforms.

Designed For

Multi-purpose rack for squats, presses and pull ups

Customised Creations

Customise the unit to your needs with our range of XF Rig attachments

Built In Storage

Integrated disc and barbell storage keep lifting area organized and equipment easily accessible

User Friendly

Clearly marked height increments and easily adjustable safety arms and j-cups


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2270 mm / 89.37 in.


1860 mm / 73.23 in.


2400 mm / 94.49 in.


315 kg / 694.46 lbs


10 years