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Eleiko XF 80 Light Rack with Dips Module - Black

Functional Training

Specifically designed for space efficiency and home use

This set combines the Eleiko XF 80 Light Rack with a Dip Module for added functionality in tight spaces. The lower height (180 cm/6 feet) is ideally suited for home gyms or spaces with lower ceiling heights. The rack comes standard with j-cups and dip module, and as part of the XF 80 collection additional capabilities can be added with attachments such as the safety arms, band pegs, glute developer, and an insert platform. However, it is not compatible with the pull-up bar or disc storage.


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1190 mm / 46.85 in.


1322 mm / 52.05 in.


1803 mm / 70.98 in.


92,9 kg / 204.81 lbs


6 months-10 years