XF 80 Portable Leg Tuck Rack V.2 | Eleiko

Eleiko XF 80 Portable Leg Tuck Rack V.2

Ready for Duty

ACFT Compliant Rack Designed for Portability and Easy Assembly

Designed specifically to meet the Army Combat Fitness Test standards for the Leg Tuck, the Eleiko XF 80 Portable Leg Tuck Rack was developed to best support service members needs when training for or taking the ACFT. Width provides ample room for unobstructed knee tucks while the crossbar height accommodates all users. An integrated adjustable step ensures easy access to the crossbar. The knockdown system is designed specifically to facilitate simple tool-free assembly and disassembly and support easy portability. Quality materials, precision engineering and manufacturing, attention to detail and a superior finish ensure the Leg Tuck Rack delivers the legendary Eleiko quality and performance we demand of all our products to your facility.

ACFT Approved

Rack specifications meet all ACFT standards and is approved for ACFT training and testing

Durable Finish

The steel finish delivers hard-wearing durability that is comfortable on the hands but provides a secure grip


Designed specifically for easy assembly, disassembly and transport. The portable knee tuck rack comes together without tools and stacks easily on a truck for convenient transport.


Solid Construction

Rack is built from 80 mm square tubing that is 3 mm thick. It’s corrosion resistant high strength low alloy industrial strength steel specifically designed for applications where strength is paramount.


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Article code



1400 mm / 55.12 in.


1730 mm / 68.11 in.


2605 mm / 102.56 in.


86,95 kg / 191.69 lbs


6 months-10 years