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Eleiko Eleiko XF Crossbars


Rig Crossbars

Stable Foundations for Squat and Pull-Up Stations

Crossbars, an integral part of building a rig, provide rigs with the necessary stability. Crossbars are mounted at the top of two XF 80 Legs to create either squat or pull-up stations depending on their length. 1100 mm is the length for a creating a squat station and 1720 mm is ideal for pull-ups. The Crossbars are constructed of a robust 3mm square tubing that is welded to a durable attachment plate.

Designed For

Creating XF Rigs and functional fitness training rig solutions

Quality Construction

Strong sturdy steel tubing and durable powder coat finish

Customised Creations

Use the rig pieces, components and attachments to create rig solutions to meet all your facility needs


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1720 mm / 67.72 in.


80 mm / 3.15 in.


335 mm / 13.19 in.


16,5 kg / 36.38 lbs


10 years