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Eleiko Eleiko XF Kettlebell Rig Racks


Kettlebell Storage

Integrate Storage Into Rig Assemblies

Our XF 80 Kettlebell rack works with the XF Rack and Rig collection. For racks, select the 1100 mm piece while either length is appropriate depending on rig design. The storage accessory pieces can also be used as components to build custom storage with Eleiko XF Leg options. The 1100 mm rack can store 6-8 black Kettlebells ranging from 4 kg to 12 kg. The 1720 mm unit can store 7 competition kettlebells or one of each black training kettlebell ranging from 4 kg to 20 kg or 24 kg to 56 kg. Two shelves are required to accommodate a full set of black kettlebells.

Designed For

Integrating kettlebell storage into rig assemblies

Two Lenghts

Comes in 1100 mm and 1700 mm lengths

Storage Capacity

Suitable for both training or competition kettlebells, quantities vary per length or kettlebell styles

XF Rig System

Constructed with XF 80 Rig uprights as stand alone pieces or part of a rig assemblies


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Article code



1100 mm / 43.31 in.


255 mm / 10.04 in.


137 mm / 5.39 in.


13,3 kg / 29.32 lbs


10 years