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Eleiko XF Set - 123 kg, women

For Functional Fitness

Varied High Volume Training Needs in One Convenient Package

The Eleiko XF Bumper Set is a convenient way to get everything you need for multipurpose strength and endurance training. This set is ideal for functional high-volume workouts. The set includes a 15 kg Eleiko XF Bar NxG, a set of XF bumpers ranging from 20 kg to 5 kg, a set of Vulcano change plates, and a pair of Lock Jaw Pro 2 collars.

Designed For

Functional fitness training

Consists Of

XF Bar, XF Bumpers, Vulcano Change Plates and Lock Jaw collars

Conveniently Collected

Functional fitness basics packaged for convenience


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123 kg / 271.17 lbs