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Eleiko Rig Container Attachment System

Flexible Outdoor Training

Maximize Container Space. Increased Training Possibilities.

Eleiko's rig container attachment system design maximizes the number of training stations while also delivering increased training variety for greater freedom in outdoor training and rig design. The unique attachment solution can be applied to any ISO standard container without preparation or modification, includes solutions for handling uneven surfaces and uniquely supports the inclusion of monkey bars. When galvanized, all Eleiko XF 80 Rig parts, fitness attachments and rig container attachments won't rust and will deliver long-lasting performance outdoors.


Container rig design for outdoor training

Design Flexibility

Choose from different lengths and number of station for ultimate layout control

Product Compatibility

Attachment system works with any ISO standard container

Outdoor Training

Galvanized finish ensure long lasting performance in outdoor environments

No Modifications Needed

Leave container intact using existing infrastructure to maximize stations and interior use options


Design Flexibility

Tailor solutions to your needs; accommodate taller athletes, build more lifting bays, or customize with attachments.

Smart Solutions

Built in leg height adjustments and use of existing container infrastructure solve common installation challenges.

Pairs With

Maximize container interiors with tailored storage solutions that combine our new Container Storage Legs with existing XF 80 Shelving options. Learn more here.


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6171 mm / 242.95 in.


4309 mm / 169.65 in.


2780 mm / 109.45 in.


85 kg / 187.39 lbs


10 years