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Eleiko SVR Insert Platform Prestera Half Rack - small - Black

Please Drop the Weights

SVR Platforms reduce noise, dampen vibration and minimize bounce

The SVR Insert Platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Eleiko Fitness Half Rack, attaching snugly to the rack frame to create a complete lifting station. The insert platform features Eleiko’s unique SVR technology to reduce noise and vibration while minimizing barbell bounce in the drop zone, minimizing disruption for facilities. While the same materials and technology, this platform is designed with square tubing to integrate seamlessly with the Fitness Half Rack. The lifting deck is finished with a durable laminate top that provides optimal grip for tough training sessions and will stand up to high volume gym usage.

Designed For

Creating a quieter and inviting weightlifting area

Seamless, snug fit

Platform attaches to Fitness Half Rack frame for a seamless and snug fit

Knock Out Noise

Drop zone rubber specifically designed to further enhance platform performance and significantly improve durability

Secure Foot Position

Lift with confidence knowing your feet won’t slip

Designed to Protect

Protect equipment, facility and clearly define lifting space


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2653 mm / 104.45 in.


2465 mm / 97.05 in.


238 kg / 524.7 lbs


1-10 years