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Functional Fitness

Members join functional facilities to gain strength and improve their lives. They want to be healthy, move well, and be capable. To look and feel better. They want to benefit from expert coaching, effective programming, and personal attention. To connect with others and be part of building a strong community. A unique and differentiated environment is nice too.

Working with Eleiko can help you give your members the experience they seek. Equipping your facility with Eleiko gives your athletes and members access to the world’s best equipment – from barbells and platforms to kettlebells, dumbbells and everything in between. Eleiko Education offers a range of courses and workshops for your coaches or passionate enthusiast members. These programs are recognized for the quality of the content, the highly valuable technique driven hands-on approach and our emphasis on developing coaching skills and effective program development. We have the expertise and product range to create unique and outstanding functional training spaces, enhanced by world-class education and a shared passion for this type of training.

Klub der Sportfreunde

Zurich, Switzerland

WIT Training

St Pauls, London

UnScared CrossFit

Utrecht, Netherlands

Speed Power Strength

Oakland, CA, USA

Set Free CrossFit


Kronan Crossfit

Malmö, Sweden

CrossFit Nordic

Stockholm, Sweden

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