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Collaborating with Coaches to Create Exceptional Training Facilities

Perfected Performance

Coaches want only the best for their athletes, the tools and facilities for rigorous, smart, performance based training that prepares athletes to make their plays when it counts. Today, athletes compete at the highest levels, with big ambitions and lofty expectations. They train hard, play even harder and need to maintain high levels of strength and conditioning throughout the year. In a competitive recruiting environment, facilities and equipment make a difference. And knowing all of this, coaches turn to Eleiko. Our diverse product range – Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting and Functional Fitness - coupled with our ability to make facilities not only stand out, but shine with custom detailing along with our well-earned reputation for quality and performance make Eleiko the coaches’ choice.

With a six-decade track record, Eleiko is the world’s most trusted supplier of strength and conditioning equipment. We are passionate about improving athletic performance and unlocking human potential, Eleiko has taken an active role in working with coaches, teams and governing bodies to create outstanding facilities worldwide.

Pleasance Gym, First UK Eleiko University Training Hall

Edinburgh, UK

University of Texas

Austin, TX, USA

University of California

San Diego, CA, USA

University of Southern California

California, USA

University of Minnesota

Minnesota, USA

2015 Rugby World Cup


Frölunda Indians Hockey

Gothenburg, Sweden


Moscow, Russia

High Performance Center Växjö

Växjö, Sweden

Spala Olympic Sport Center

Spala, Poland

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