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Tactical Strength

Eleiko has a proven record of accomplishment working with and supporting military and defense communities globally. We have a deep appreciation for the rigorous physical demands and performance required of military service members and understand how strength, performance training, and Olympic lifting play an important role in military fitness and tactical readiness. We have 60 years of development and manufacturing experience and a deep passion for strength and developing human performance.

Eleiko is the equipment of choice when value, durability and performance are key decision criteria. We meet service members training needs with the highest quality equipment, widely recognized for its superior performance. We developed the Eleiko Tactical Strength Coach course giving trainers and coaches the tools and information they need to be able to best to support service members with strength programs that address the distinct challenges of maintaining tactical readiness over a lifespan, avoiding injuries and managing fatigue, while also looking at how best to maintain preparedness while deployed. Eleiko is a valuable member of your team, ensuring you have the best equipment, training, and education to develop optimal performance and heighten readiness of today's tactical athletes.

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