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Your Strength Space. Redefined.

Dedicated training stations that deliver versatility and meet the needs of today's facilities and lifters

Maximum versatility. Compact footprint.

The fitness landscape continues to evolve. As facilities adjust to new requirements, strength training continues to be a powerful and effective tool to support members and users as they return to training and pursue their health and fitness goals. Whether a small studio space, a mixed use residential space or a facility catering to hundreds of users, Eleiko offers solutions that make the most out of every square meter. Strength Stations are scalable concepts – rooted in lifting and free weights – that deliver space efficient, versatile strength training options which can be adjusted to fit any environment. Get inspired by one of our concepts below or work with our expert team to create your own unique space.

Outfitting your facility

Make the most out of every square meter by creating a strength area designed with versatility, efficiency and the user experience in mind. Eleiko strength solutions can be built to any specification, size, or type of training. We can help bring your vision to life, to get started here are some key considerations.

  • Consider the type of training your facility should support: weightlifting, powerlifting or hybrid training.
  • What type of space you are outfitting, is it an indoor training space or an outdoor area?
  • Determine the square footage you have to work with. Our solutions are scalable — suiting both smaller studios and larger facilities — and specially designed to maximize the potential of your available space.
  • Consider if your facility is for private or public training. Private and public training areas may have sightly different safety requirements, cleaning guidelines and scheduling needs.
  • Analyze the typical users of the training space. Are you equipping a high-volume training facility, or catering to a single user with individual training needs?

Our team are here to guide you at every step. From concept to 3D renderings to full service installation, we can support you in creating a customized strength concept for your facility.

Strength Stations


Outfit stations to emphasize weightlifting, powerlifting or hybrid training. Mix them for ultimate versatility.

Peace of Mind

Single user stations support distancing and give members control of their environment with dedicated equipment for each session.

Scheduling Friendly

Stations support easy booking to maintain operating and cleaning schedules.

Program Flexibility

From personal training to open gym, the concept scales and adapts to your needs.

Building Blocks: XF 80 Racks and Double Half Racks

Starting with the XF 80 Racks, stations are outfitted to be versatile and adaptable. Build outs can be geared towards functional fitness or hybrid training, weightlifting, or powerlifting through our range of XF Fitness Attachments and companion products including bars, plates, dumbbells, and kettlebells.