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Home Gym

Experience our signature quality, craftsmanship and performance in the comfort of your home

The choice of champions

We work on projects of all sizes from the premiere certified international competitions to simple home set-ups. Regardless of the project scale, we have a wide range of equipment for discerning lifters looking to incorporate strength training into their homes.

Crafted with precision

We use the highest quality materials to deliver long lasting performance. Choosing Eleiko bars made from our clean green Swedish steel or XF Bumpers made from EU grade recycled rubber ensures your home gym lays a strong foundation for building a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Tailored Solutions

A home training set-up can be simple; a few kettlebells or dumbbells, a bar and some discs or we can help you design a fully custom home gym. Our team is ready to help you create a strength package that is right for you.

Leave your details below, we will be in touch within 24 hours to help you put together a solution for your space and training needs.


Some inspiration to get your home training creativity flowing.

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